Your Dreams Won’t Work Unless You Do Boo!

It was all still so surreal to her, she was now an author! She had books being shipped to her for sale, her own books! She had preorders coming through, a book launch she was preparing for and she had just received an email to travel to New Jersey and introduce herself and her book. Plus, she had a New York launch that her best friend, a successful event planner wanted to help set up! She couldn’t believe any of this was happening. She looked up from her computer and took a sip of her coffee. She looked around the Starbucks she was sitting in with her computer and felt proud. Why couldn’t she believe this was happening? She had pulled a ton of late nights, she was working her ass off, really, this should be happening. She reminisced on her childhood and smiled, she had always wanted to do this, now here she is…doing it.


I always wanted to be an author. I used to write my own novels inside of composition books and create my own copyrights. I was always an avid reader, my mother would drop me off at the library, at my own insistence, and if the checkout limit was fifteen books, I was checking out fifteen books! As I grew, so did my talent for writing stories and writing in general. Then, for some reason, I stopped. I stopped writing, I stopped reading as much and my focus was everywhere else. I left my first love. As the years went by, I would think back on my dream of being a writer, and once I got pregnant, that dreamed screamed at me. I wanted my daughter to have the same love of reading and writing that I do, and she does! However, I still wasn’t a writer. Thirteen years after giving birth to my daughter I’m a blogger, so I’m writing, but my dream is author. Now, I am an author, and it happened, because I made it happen.


Understand this, you can be crazy talented in something, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to work at it. The talent is there, the hard work helps to develop, craft and master it. I always wanted to be an author, I am gifted at writing, but listen, my book wasn’t going to just write its own damn self! I had to put in the work and stop procrastinating. One I buckled down and worked, I got it done. Sometimes I just stare at it the way I used to just stare in awe at my daughter when she was first born. I gave birth to my book, and I had to push the same way I did fourteen years ago, only figuratively.


I would work my 9 to 5, come home, nap, finish a few of my collegiate assignments, make dinner, then work on my book until sometimes 2am. I would then sleep for four hours, get up and do it all again! For the most part, I also kept up with my workouts with my trainer. Talk about exhaustion! Oh, the exhaustion was real, and I worked everyone’s nerves! However, it got done, and now that I’m on the other side, I am ready for more!


You HAVE to put in the work to make turn your dreams into a reality, there are no shortcuts to that. If you are trying to take shortcuts, then the only results you will get will be short results. Long-term dreams require long-term, consistent work. So, baby girl, I’ll see you at work!

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  1. Yasss!!! This is so true!! Congratulations on your accomplishments and for pushing through your obstacles to get back to your passion and reach your goals. You rock! Keep working and winning, Queen!

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