In my personal opinion, there is nothing more attractive than an honest, confident woman who chooses to stay true to herself in a world that is constantly trying to force her to be something else. Natasha Bernard has done a fabulous job of proving that you can choose purpose over profit and win. Her beliefs that you don’t have to sacrifice your values to succeed have afforded Natasha the opportunity to live a life that she loves while being acknowledged, awarded, and paid for doing what she loves. As CEO of Fashionably Fab Boutique and Editor-in-Style of, Natasha isn’t just about the coins, she is also committed to philanthropy and improving her community. It is refreshing to see successful women who believe in honesty, integrity, and service. Learn more about this award-winning blogger, fashionista, and CEO of a premier lifestyle brand who has collaborated with brands like Fashion Bomb Daily, Jockey, ModCloth, and more. Natasha B. is making her own rules and winning. Take notes. 

Who is Natasha Bernard?
  • She’s pretty simple at the core. A perfectly imperfect girl making an honest attempt at living life with purpose.
What is the average day like in the life of Natasha Bernard?
  • It usually starts with morning reflection. Trying to set the tone for the day. Seeing the family off to their day, then off to mine. I always work from a to-do list established the night before to keep me on track. In order to get the maximum productivity out of my day, I have to ensure that I manage my time down to the minute. I try to get some level of workout in for the day. Even if it’s as simple as taking the stairs instead of the elevator. I don’t watch much TV so that frees up a great deal of my time for family, reading, business, cooking, etc.
What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?
  • I love culture and the arts. So you’ll either catch me dining out, at a concert, art show, sewing, traveling or on a beach reading a great book sipping on a cold piña colada.

As a wife, mother, employee, and entrepreneur, what tools do you use to maintain a sense of work-life balance? 

  • As I mentioned previously, I have to have a to-do list or else I’ll be an unorganized mess. I use the Evernote app for this purpose but some circumstances still call for the good ol’ pen and paper. Each night I create a to-do list for the next day. It’s the only way to maintain some level of sanity for me. LOL. I can’t do without it.
Photo courtesy of Fashionably Fabulous and Natasha Bernard

What inspired you to start Fashionably Fabulous?

  • Long before blogging, I had an online accessories boutique (Fashion Fab Boutique). Fashionably Fabulous became the blog of that business and later morphed into a lifestyle blog where I incorporated my personal style. It went on to become my parent company, a premier lifestyle brand for the sophisticated chic with a business model that includes consulting and retail/manufacturing.
As an award-winning blogger, what tips do you have for someone who aspires to blog as a career and source of income?
  • My advice would be for them to think outside of the traditional realms of the profession. We live in a very fast-paced society where one minute you’re trending and the next minute you’re not. So it’s critical to think about sustainability and scalability in a very saturated and ever changing market on the onset. And also love what you write about. I know it sounds so cliche but you have to do what you love and are passionate about.

Did you run into any obstacles or challenges on your blogging journey? If so, how did you overcome them?

  • Yes. The pressure to keep up is real. To keep up with content creation and also to keep up with the industry and what everyone else is doing. At times I would burn out and loose interest in writing and I simply decided that if I don’t feel it—I’m not going to force it. It took a while for me to stop feeling guilty about not putting out 2-3 articles per week consistently. In the world of fashion and lifestyle blogging, a lot of the times “success” is perceived as who has that new Chanel, YSL or Giuseppe bag. Who’s jet-setting to the most exotic places and whose image projects luxury. Pretty shallow and vain isn’t it? Sadly, many are doing the absolute most to project the most. I think this is the downside to social media, honestly. I started to withdraw. I stayed off of social media more. I stopped going to events. The selfie obsession. The self-absorption. The excessive consumerism. The materialism. It just becomes too much. That’s not me. That’s not who I want to become. So the industry pressure is real. But it all works out when you stay true to yourself and that is what I plan to continue to do.

What do you find to be most rewarding about being a blogger? 

  • I always say that in my other life I’ll be a teacher. I love to teach. So any chance that I get to knowledge share–it’s so rewarding for me.
What do you feel is one of your greatest accomplishments since starting Fashionably Fabulous?
  • I would say starting the business itself has been the greatest accomplishment. The entrepreneurial dream is easy, it’s taking the quantum leap into entrepreneurship that isn’t.

What is your ultimate goal for Fashionably Fabulous?

  • My ultimate goal is to grow FF into a global lifestyle brand for chic and sophisticated women all over the world. And through philanthropy, leave a lasting legacy for many to come. 
Photo courtesy of Fashionably Fabulous and Natasha Bernard
 What’s next for Natasha Bernard?
  • I’m working on getting my recently launched products, The Travelista Collection in major distribution outlets within the US and then the UK. I have a pending patented product that’s also coming down the pike and a fabulous clothing line to come. So stay tuned! So many exciting things coming. I have my hands full with product design and development for years to come. 
What is your definition of winning?
  • Simple. Each day that you’re able to live that day on purpose—that’s winning. 

Connect with Natasha Bernard at and @fashionablyfabstyle on Instagram. 

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Author: Andromeda, Women by Choice Founder

Andromeda is an Author, Motivational Speaker, Success Coach, and the Founder of Women by Choice Global who is passionate about empowering women to discover their purpose, tap into their power, become the best version of themselves, and ultimately win in life and in business.


  1. I enjoyed reading this interview! It was inspiring! I am a blogger also and left my job 5 years ago to follow my dreams in the world of fashion. I am a late bloomer because I didn’t understand the possibilities I had in working in the fashion industry 30 years ago. I agree, to be yourself and not following into the world of what social media expect. It is hard to lose who you are and be real. At 50 I just want to share with all women that looking fabulous doesn’t take having a lot of money. I also use to edit my pictures, but now I feel it’s best to be real and be you. Yes, I have a belly, veins in my legs and sometimes I look a little bloated, but it’s me. And honestly, once I stopped editing, I gained more followers. I still don ‘t know where my blog will lead me, but I do know my purpose. It’s a learning process daily and interviews like this one really help and give insight on what steps to take. Thank you so much for sharing.

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