Coleen Otero is one of those women who makes you say, “if she can do it so can I”. She wears many hats, but makes achieving multiple goals look effortless. As a seasoned serial entrepreneur, wife, and mother of 5, Coleen is not naive to the challenges that life and business can bring. Coleen’s journey to becoming a successful Beauty and Branding Expert, as well as Founder of CEO Chicks, is one that is extremely inspiring and motivating. When given the chance to give up and quit, Coleen is the kind of woman who will keep moving forward time and time again. Her journey is proof that with consistency, determination, faith, and purpose, success is inevitable. It was a pleasure to take the time to learn more about the beauty who is always busy challenging herself and others to reach for greater. Coleen Otero is the eptiome of a woman who wins. Be encouraged by her story. 

Who is Coleen Otero?
  • A purpose driven individual who loves to enjoy rich relationships, create amazing experiences and live life to the fullest.
What were you doing before becoming the successful beauty and branding expert you are today?
  • I have always been in the beauty industry. As soon as I graduated high school I went right to cosmetology school. I started doing hair at the age of 11 and began building clientele at 12.
How do you spend your time when you’re not working?
  • I will say I work quite a bit, it is such a passion of mine and extremely rewarding. But to answer your question, I love going for walks to clear my mind, watch Netflix, hang out with my children, or go on dates with my hubby.

As a wife, mother of 5, and serial entrepreneur, what tools or methods do you use to stay organized?

  • It takes a team to get it all done. I have to delegate tasks, set reminders, and stick to a schedule. My phone is my go to tool that helps to keep me on top of it all and of course family, friends and hired staff.

Entrepreneurship is not new to you, what is one of the greatest lessons you’ve learned on this journey?
  • People are important, developing the right team is everything! It is one thing to have a great idea, a savvy concept, but if you have no one with you to execute the idea then your growth will be limited. For that reason hairstylists make poor salon owners or great cooks make horrible restaurant owners. It is in the ability to cast your vision, staff your weaknesses, equip others to lead, delegate authority, and more that determine the level of success you will experience in business.
As the CEO of multiple businesses, when did you know that it was time for you to begin delegating. How did you build a winning team?
  • As one portion of my business began to flow almost effortlessly, not because it didn’t require work, but because I learned how to work it, I knew it was time for a greater challenge. The growth and level of income I obtained became consistent and comfortable for me, that gets boring for any entrepreneur. Needless to say, I began to pay attention to other areas of needs that were right in front of me and quietly  began to solve them. This is how branding became a part of my business model. I didn’t market these other services for almost a year, but because these services complement a major part of my beauty business, it was not hard to begin to generate another stream of income from it.  The same people I worked with and tested out quietly, behind the scenes, were the same ones I continued to work with once I launched and have since expanded. Team building is very important. Anyone I add to my team is usually by a personal referral. I love to build relationships and network. I meet so many great people that way. 
Have you ever experienced failure in business? How did you overcome it and what motivated you to keep going?
  • Absolutely! One of the greatest challenges was back when my husband and I were in the property management business and I owned a salon. We had to shut it all down, the market crashed and we lost it ALL! We lost all 4 homes, 3 vehicles and ended up moving in with family. What was suppose to be 2 months turned into 2 years of trying to get back on our feet. The only reason we were able to keep going is by maintaining faith in God,  my Coach, family and friends! 
 What inspired you to start CEO Chicks?
  • During the time we were rebuilding I started a monthly call and online group named Get it Girls. It was all about women who loved God, wanted to encourage each other and discuss life’s issues. After a year in I began to seek out women in the group that were like me, entrepreneurs, career-minded and market place focused. We began a separate group specifically for us and started to meet up. The group name had not changed, however I created a t-shirt that read CEO Chick and it sold out immediately. People began asking, “what is it?” I remember thinking it’s a shirt, DUH, LOL! But I remember it clearly, when in my prayer and meditation time, the revelation finally hit me. Women loved the shirt obviously, but they wanted more. They wanted to know what the shirt stood for and they wanted to be a part of whatever it was. So, I paid attention and answered the need.  I changed the name of the group to CEO Chicks and here we are going on 2 years. 
What is the benefit of joining CEO Chicks?
  • CEO Chicks is an experience. It is a culture, the benefits are so GREAT! Members enjoy community, information and leads. We are all about gaining wisdom to grow our businesses, connecting with mature business women, and supporting each others vision. 

What is your ultimate life goal?
  • Wow…is there enough time to answer this question, LOL. Without giving you my bucket list, let me just say in short that it is my life goal to impact the lives of my family and those I come in contact with. If I can be an example of love, hope, and freedom then I have been successful.
What is your definition of winning?
  • Being able to help my family and someone else’s. I was raised in a family that was concerned and involved in community. Whether it was giving our time to help neighbors, community outreach, or church events, it was not always about us. My mother to this day is in her 60’s and still does foster care. It is who we are, we are lovers, givers and supporters. I have always been taught that I will attract who I am and that has proven to be true. So winning is being able to roll with good people that are doing good things for one another and for others. 

Connect with Coleen Otero at and @coleenoteroceo on Instagram.

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Author: Andromeda, Women by Choice Founder

Andromeda is an Author, Motivational Speaker, Success Coach, and the Founder of Women by Choice Global who is passionate about empowering women to discover their purpose, tap into their power, become the best version of themselves, and ultimately win in life and in business.

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