Winning Woman Feature: Dr. Shamieka Dean

Dr. Shamieka Dean, Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Psychology and Leadership is an award-winning business owner. She is a Purpose and Profit Strategist to aspiring entrepreneurs, future leaders, and influencers. Shamieka’s keen prophetic gift sets her apart from those in her niche’. She prophetically aligns her clients with God’s purpose for their lives, helping them achieve unlimited success in every area of their life.

A YouTube breakout star, Shamieka’s rise in the world of entrepreneurship took flight November 2017 when a 17 minute video of her testimony went viral with over 400,000 views as she shared her story on how getting fired from her job catapulted her into her destiny of becoming a six-figure earner in her coaching business. Shamieka is a woman who mixed business with faith and made it work in her favor. She didn’t have to give up what she loved most (faith and family) to do what she loved most (build a business based on her purpose).

Who is Dr. Shamieka Dean and what was your motivation for starting your brand?

I am a Purpose and Profit Strategist and I help innovators, entrepreneurs, and influencers turn their purpose into profit. I am also “Dr. Shamieka Dean” as of October 2018. I have a Doctorate in Philosophy in Christian Leadership and Psychology. What prompted me to start my brand was that I wanted to be the answer that I wish others were for me at the time. There were certain things that I was struggling with, and I was looking all over for mentors and coaches to help me get to the place that I desire to be in business, in my marriage, and just in life generally. I found a few that offered some of the services, but there were still missing components, and so I realized that I was the solution. I found the answers that I needed for myself and then I just sought out to be that solution for other women that were struggling with some of those things.

What were some of the main challenges you faced with building your brand?

Some of the biggest challenges I faced were not really knowing where to start, not understanding the importance of trying not to be everything to everyone, and not having a real strategy to implement so that I could gain some success, and maintain that success. I didn’t really know where to start and had a lot of problems trying to focus and really understanding what it was I needed to focus on at that particular time. I also didn’t know what expertise I had that I could turn into profit. Once I understood the things that I could turn into profit, I had to figure out how I could make it profitable for myself?

How did you discover your purpose?

One of the things that I focus on is really looking within instead of looking without and not identifying my purpose in a particular position, such as a job or a title. A lot of times, I think we get stuck when we think that purpose is a title or a position. I uncovered my gift, my skills, and talents. Some of the things I was good at, but I didn’t see it as a gift or a skill. Building my relationship with God also helped because I believe that he is my creator, so who else would know better about what I was put on this earth to do? I learned how to take the gifts, the skills, and the talents that I had and figured how I could serve others with it, because our purpose on this earth is really how we use our gifts, our talents, and skills to make others lives better. That’s the part of the process that I went through to uncover my purpose and I created a program to help others do the same.

What is some advice that you have for women looking to follow in your footsteps?

It’s one of those things that sound so cliché, but it is so true. It is really believing in yourself. That is one of the greatest lessons that I would pass on to anyone in life. If you can support someone else in their business, take that same energy and that same faith and believe in yourself.  Also, invest in yourself as well. You’re worth the investment. The greatest investment that you will ever make is in yourself.  If you’re going to bank on anybody, bank on you. Believe in yourself, invest in yourself, and don’t give up.

What motivates you to keep going?

I became a “Glamma” September 2017 so my granddaughter is a year and three months. She is one of my biggest inspirations because every time I just look at those big eyes and the big chubby cheeks, it reminds me of why I cannot afford to quit. I feel that a part of my purpose on this earth is to leave behind a heritage, not only for my children, but also for my grandchildren. That’s one of the things that I stand on morally. I keep a picture of her in plain sight so when I’m working in my office, her face is right there.  I always have her picture there to remind me why I can’t quit.  She’s one of my biggest inspirations.

How do you juggle everything that you do? And how do you know whether you should delegate or complete a task on your own?

I take time for myself. That’s one thing that I started practicing toward the end of 2017. There are periods throughout the year where I’ll just shut down social media. I will shut my phone off and I will go away, even if it’s just a weekend at a hotel by myself. Above all, my faith in God has kept me. I know I need to delegate when I start getting stressed out or if I’m on my computer at the times where I should be in bed with my husband sleeping or resting. When things are taking away from the most important things to where I’m having to constantly miss my kids activities at school, games, or date night with my husband and things like that, if that starts to get repetitious then I know it’s time for me to delegate because the things that are most important to me are now having to sit there and suffer. That’s when I pull away to make sure that I’m not neglecting whom I love to do what I love.

In 2019, how do you manage to pull away from social media and remain so successful?

What I do is use tools that are available to me such as auto scheduling apps. They are really helpful and instead of you trying to respond every single day, you can choose a particular day of the week or a particular time where you go in and respond to some of the comments. Limit yourself. Give yourself a time frame and put people in place that can handle those things for you. Find college students that may just be looking for experience because they’re trying to build a career in social media management, content creation or content management. Use those types of resources so that you can take a lot of the stress off of yourself.

I have several groups that I have for some of my paid courses and also a free group, but I have moderators within those groups. I have auto-responders on email so it lets you know if I’m going to be out of town and when they can expect a returned email from me. Use the tools that are available to you. A lot of them are free. Research them and put them to use. It will save you a lot of time and a lot of frustration. One of the things that are a part of my brand is my transparency. I’m very, very transparent, very authentic and I let my audience know that I love them, but Shamieka needs a break.  I’ve built that relationship with them so they understand. I do it for myself and I encourage them to do the same thing.

One of the biggest things with social media is that we cannot allow social media and the whole rush of it to become our identity. I think that when it becomes our identity, we begin to need it. We can become co-dependent upon it. I have a life outside of social media so I did not make social media my life. I think that’s a big difference as well because sometimes we can do that and we get into this rat race and we’re constantly trying to keep up with everyone else. But you have to learn how to stay in your lane and do what works best for you because the greatest thing you can give your audience is your truth. That truth is about doing what’s best for you because when it’s all said and done, the people behind the scenes in your household, the ones that you love are the ones that are still going to be there if Facebook or Instagram shuts down.

I see that one of the ways that you got started was due to a viral video that you posted on social media. Can you tell me a little bit about that?

I went into work for what I thought was going to be my annual review, you know, where you get your raise. I’m like we are really about to be like the Jefferson’s, we’re about to move on up.  It was a little abnormal that the HR Director was in the meeting, but I’m still trying to be optimistic. Long story short, they ended up terminating me at no fault of my own. I was in a place where we had three children, a house full of bills, and my husband had just got out of the military, so he didn’t have a job, and he didn’t retire so he wasn’t getting a retirement bonus or anything like that. So, he was looking for a job and I had just gotten terminated from my job. There’s no greater pain than having your baby saying “Mommy I’m hungry” and you’re like, “Yeah, I really don’t know what we’re going to eat today.” I had to do something. So I created a video about me getting terminated and dabbled in a few things that were making money here and there to keep the bills paid and food on the table. I knew that that was not the lifestyle that I was designed to live. I knew that there was more. I just kept going and building one thing on top of the other until I got to this place.

How did you take that experience, turn it into a positive, and basically turn your life around?

I had someone else depending on me that my excuses weren’t going to work for. I couldn’t come up with enough excuses or the right excuse to not be able to feed my children, period. I’ve always been optimistic I guess. It’s just kind of a way that I trained myself since I was a little kid, and I used to dream about the bigger things. I painted the world in my mind and so because I had kids, that was the extra boost I needed that didn’t allow me to lay there and pity myself. I think with anyone, we have to find a reason bigger than ourselves to turn the negative into a positive.

Tell us about some of your accomplishments and which one you are most proud of.

I am most proud of being chosen as one of the Women by Choice coaches for the Choice Coaches Council. That’s one of the ones that I’m most proud of because I love Women by Choice so that was very exciting for me and monumental. I won Business Woman of the Year last year for the Urban Entrepreneur, received my doctorate, made over six figures with just one stream of income, grew my YouTube following to over 36,000 subscribers within six months without any paid advertising or paid marketing, enrolled over 1500 people into my program, co-authored another book, sold out a boot camp in three weeks that I had done for the very first time, sold out several events, and lost a few good pounds, so my built-in fanny pack is slowly melting away.  Also, a company decided to design a dress and named it after me so I thought that was really cool.

2018 has been such an amazing year and I’m just so grateful. These are the things that I prayed about and I worked really hard to accomplish. I defeated a lot of statistics so I’m just excited because according to where I come from and the different things that happened in my life, I wasn’t supposed to accomplish any of these things. This is very exciting to know that you can put those statistics to rest and defeat the odds that are stacked against you.

For more information about Dr. Shamieka Dean, follow her at @drshamiekadean on Instagram and check out her website at



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