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Women are the mothers of civilization. Not one person walking this Earth got here without coming through a woman. There is no denying the amount of sacrifice a woman makes once she becomes a mother. From conception to birth, a woman’s life is forever changed once she chooses to take responsibility for the beautiful life she was blessed to create. While we understand and acknowledge that Mother’s Day brings an array of emotions and memories for various women, on this Mother’s Day we want to take a moment to shine the light on some of the “winning moms” in our network, and hopefully inspire women and mothers worldwide through their stories. What does it mean to be a “winning mom”? Well, we all have different definitions of what it means to “win” so we decided to let some of our sisters tell you what being a “winning mom” means to them. Finish this sentence. “I am a winning mom because…”


“Before I am an author, motivational speaker and breakthrough coach, I am a single mother raising a young king to be the best man he can be! He’s watching me accomplish my dreams. My inspiration is inspired by me. He even has his own YouTube channel and I know he’s going to do big things! My son is the reason I continue to move forward and I will never quit!” – Natalie Louis


“When all the odds were stacked against me as a teen mom, I managed to persevere through it all. 25 yr old blessed mother of 3, when the world counted me out and said I would fail, I proved them wrong. My children are my entire world and I wouldn’t do a thing different. Every move I make I have them in mind.” – Aujah Griffin


“Well…let’s be honest Sis, I keep my kids alive. Come on though, let’s be real. Life in general is hard, let alone being a mom. I’m a self-proclaimed ‘hot-mess mom’. I think in one form or another, we all are. There’s not shame in sharing the fact that we feel accomplished simply for keeping our kids alive. They know they’re loved and they aren’t aware of the struggle that you may be going through today. Seriously Sis, that’s a win. I say we celebrate these ‘small’ wins because they’re what I define as big wins in this #momlife.” –Lindsay Dessaso


“I am dedicated to providing unlimited resources to my daughter. I work hard daily to make sure I change the generation and wealth curses that have been lingering around. I am a winning mom because I lift up other winning moms. Once opportunity comes my way and I learn new things, it is a personal goal to educate other mothers so they are able to provide a better life for themselves, their children and those around them.” –Nisha Hopkins


“I inspire and motivate Millennial, Melanin Mamas to live their best lives through motherhood!” –Keara Elam


“At 18 year sold, I was left to raise my sons (ages 8 and 3) alone after the murder of their father. This year, I will see my oldest walk across the stage with his bachelors degree and my baby boy walk across the stage with his high school diploma.” –Laverne Cheeseboro


“I learned joy, strength, resilience and patience by being a single mom of two that are shining bright in so many ways. I was 5 months pregnant with my second when my marriage ended. My son had complications from birth with asthma, eczema and severe allergies. Working full time and managing his health while providing an environment for them to thrive – both kids knew all of their numbers, colors, and shapes by age 2. Both kids are loving, respectful and happy. I learned to co-parent well to ensure their happiness and create a positive space for them. We go to the gym together, I cook everything they eat and they love church and sports activities. I couldn’t have asked for a better challenge to help me grow mentally, spiritually and emotionally.” Zina Grooms


“I have overcome a lot of difficult situations in my life from rape, to losing my mother in front of me at 9, to being homeless with my child, to kissing everything I have owned (including my sons) good-bye, to not knowing what to do but through it all my child has been able to be a bright handsome, respectful, outgoing, and loving child. If I had to relive my life all over again I would do it all for him. He gives me the drive I need to get up and win EVERY DAY!” –Meneisha Bowes


“I am a winning mom because of my confidence, courage, boldness, strength, power and resilience. I am a winning mom because I am loving, caring and nurturing. I am a winning mom because I am willing to sacrifice my own desires for my child. I am a winning mom because I’m not afraid to take a moment and refuel with self care. I am a winning mom because I know who I am, and whose I am. I am a winning mom because I am teaching my daughter to never forget her worth. I am a winning mom because God thought enough of me to give me the opportunity to guide, protect, provide and instruct another human being. They often say being a mother is a thankless job. I say I am extremely grateful to be a mother because it is a blessing that every woman is not granted. My daughter thanks me each time she smiles, gives me a hug, or says “Mommy I love you.” I am a winning mom because I am fearless when it comes to pursuing my dreams and launching our lives forward. I’m a winning mom because I will overcome each and every obstacle thrown in my path because I have someone calling me mom and I refuse to let my daughter down.” –Dominique Williams

Author: Andromeda, Women by Choice Founder

Andromeda is an Author, Motivational Speaker, Success Coach, and the Founder of Women by Choice Global who is passionate about empowering women to discover their purpose, tap into their power, become the best version of themselves, and ultimately win in life and in business.

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