When It All Falls Down

By: Chamar Logan

A guy that I know, who is a serial entrepreneur, posted the image above as a definition of what entrepreneurship can look like at times. I couldn’t but laugh, then I got serious and said “deadass though!” as I was currently putting out fires with my own company.

So, things are going, well right? You have copyrights all set, you are trademarked, you have your LLC, you are taking pictures at every step with a thumbs up right? It’s all smooth sailing.

Until it isn’t smooth sailing….

Listen doll, it’s bound to happen, you are going to run into some roadblocks, some bumps, some setbacks as you are building your business. It’s not necessarily what has happened that is the defining moment of whether or not your company will flourish, it is YOUR REACTION that is the defining moment.

Everything is a lesson to either be used for yourself again later, or for someone else down the line, so take those setbacks as a perfect opportunity to grow and kick ass in the process.  So, what in the world are you supposed to do when you reach these setbacks? Read on my sista, read on!


  1. CHILL! Take a breather hun. You are the leader of your life, and if you have people following you, or employees, then they are definitely looking to you. If you freak out, they will freak out. Being the head involves a lot of accountability. That fire may be raging all around you, but you better sip that coffee, smile, and hold it all together.


  1. Remember the Goal! I am assuming that the company you have started is your passion, your dream, which means, this is your baby. Remember that, because it is going to be too easy to throw your hands up and say “Forget it! My nine to five keeps my nails done!”. But hun, if you forget why you started, you will regret it if you quit.


  1. Re-asses Everything A lot of times, our setbacks are as simple as forgetting to cross our t’s and dot our I’s somewhere. Go through everything with a fine-tooth comb, it may take a while, but this is your baby we are talking about, it is worth it!


  1. Get Some Help! Lord, my pride is something fierce! My company is my baby and I want to be the only one feeding it and helping it to grow. I absolutely hate delegating because I am so protective! It’s fine if you are feeling the same way. However, my dear, you can’t do or know everything, there will be times when you will have to reach out for help. I am lucky enough to have a circle of successful entrepreneurs who have been doing it longer than me, and are always ready to help. I have had to reach out for help in contracts, legal help, trademarks and marketing. Just to name a few. That’s fine, I needed expert help and I got it, you might need that as well. Don’t let pride stop you from growing.


  1. Don’t Give Up! Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT QUITE! As long as you are living, you are going to have some kind of setback and quitting cannot be an option. I have never seen an entrepreneur lose when they hold on to their dream and keep working through the BS.

One thought on “When It All Falls Down

  1. Chamar, great post! I believe it’s always best to never forget why you are in the business because that why will keep you going when the going gets tough. How can I know that I have started the right business for ME?

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