What have you done for YOU lately?

Last month, I celebrated my birthday. This birthday was different. Not different in the sense that I celebrated a different way, but I felt different. I felt that my spirit has been thirsty for so long that I needed some sort of cleansing. I felt that if I did not have some peace immediately, I would go crazy. On December 31, 2017, I ended my journal entry saying that I want to be a better person, and that is when I declared 2018, the year of #TeamME.  I have truly implemented this completely into my life thus far, and I am determined to do it more.

Back to my birthday, I took off work from the Thursday April 12th to the Monday, April 16th. My birthday was the Monday. On Thursday, I hung out with a friend, Friday, my boyfriend took me out for dinner, Saturday, I went to a blind folded sculpting class with my boyfriend, and Sunday, I cooked, and a few close family members came over. We hung out, ate cake, and relaxed. On Monday, my actual birthday, I treated myself to a Spa day. It was amazing! I was greeted at the door by name, with a smile, a hot cup of tea, and serene ambience. Talk about setting the mood! This was just the beginning. Immediately after, I had a foot massage, hot stone massage, and exfoliating facial. Now, I’m not sure what was in that tea, but I got some of the best sleep of my entire life during my time there. After about 3 hours of treatment and much needed rest, I was greeted with a glass of champagne. I felt so relaxed that I did not want to move and could barely drive home. I spent the rest of my day doing homework with my daughter, eating more cake, and attending the first session of a career development program that I’d signed up for because I am on a mission to take my career to the next level.

Looking back, I must say, I am proud of myself. My birthday this year was solely about me. It was about spending time with people who truly care about me and about me caring for myself. My ME time felt like I was releasing my soul of toxins, including people. One month later, I am feeling great as I continue my spiritual cleanse.  I am not partaking in conversations or situations that do not benefit me or wasting my time in other people’s business. I am truly taking time for me. Spending time getting to know myself, and teaching people how to treat me because it is important to know your worth.   If someone is not treating you as you should be treated, remove yourself from the equation and continue to focus on you. Now I won’t say everything is perfect, there are still some processes that I need to implement to maintain my sanity, but, I am a work in progress and that’s what matters.

This year in particular, I have decided to live for me! (and my daughter of course). I must ensure that I am healthy, physically and spiritually, and on the path to become a wholesome woman. For so long, I was in my own way. Not professionally, but spiritually. I allowed other people’s situations to affect me way more than my situations even affected them. I noticed that I showed up more for people than they showed up for me. That alone can make someone bitter, but I am not. There was a lesson to be learned. Fortunately, I learned, I will no longer let others interfere with my peace.  I am in control of that. I encourage you to do the same. When you reach that point, you will feel a weight lift off of your shoulders. You will see doors begin to open for you. You will begin to see clearer. You will feel free.

“Living one day at a time; enjoying one moment at a time; accepting hardships as the pathway to peace”

Photo by: Demetrius Washington on Unsplash

Author: Shellon Johnson

Shellon Johnson is a New Yorker with big dreams. As a child, she found her love of writing through reading and journal writing. Since then, she has grown to complete multiple degrees, certificate programs, and work in various industries in both private and public sectors. Shellon is the owner of PoshLife Events & Decor, LLC, a former New York City based event planning company, but recently decided to get back into her passion of writing, her best form of self expression. As a proud Women By Choice member, Shellon contributes to the WBC blog providing lifestyle content, and write ups on Winning Women throughout the world. Contact Shellon at SJohnson.womenbychoice@gmail.com for info on how to get featured as a Winning Woman.

8 thoughts on “What have you done for YOU lately?

  1. I just finished reading this and thank you for it. I just realized that I myself need to do the same thing. I thank you for sharing it as it was a wake up call for me. Much Blessings ❤

  2. WOW! I am blown away by this post because I felt every word so deeply because this is currently me. I am also a work in progress. I couldn’t agree with this more. I am up for a reason and I am so glad that I saw this. Thank you so much for sharing this:), Blessings

  3. Reading this post made me realize its okay to be selfish for yourself and your well being, because at the end of the day if YOU are not good nothing else will be. This was so inspirational!!

  4. I’m glad you signed up for #TeamME! Way to go mama! I’m getting better at this. Saying No to other folks and YES to me. Doing more for myself. Replenishing myself more often. Scheduled an overdue appt to the dentist for a cleaning and cosmetic work. Next a vacation to some tropical beach. Maybe Hawaii!

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