What Happens When We Give God Our To-Do Lists

“Thou has created us for yourself, and our hearts are restless till they find their rest in you.”



“Omg, I overslept this morning! I have to drop the kids off at school, pick up the laundry from the cleaners, fix my husband’s lunch, prepare my baby’s milk for daycare, and get to work by 9am! What will I do and how will I get all of this done?”

Does this sound like your morning? Maybe, you’re like me and you don’t have a husband or kids, but you still have many tasks that pull at you and demand that they be completed.

We are a society that believes in the rush. We rush to please others, to get from place to place, and to remove all of the items off of our own personal lists. We have become bombarded with life’s many tasks and to-do lists. We have lists for work, home, our business, our children, our mates, and the ”list” truly goes on (no pun intended).

What do you think would happen if we gave God our daily to-do lists? What would happen if we found time daily to sit at His feet, rest in who He is, and allow Him to orchestrate our day? Would we trust Him with our list? Would we trust Him to lead us to do all He believes is important for us to do in that day?

I have gotten far more done on the days when I rely on God to lead my day, than the days where I’ve gone before Him trying to lead my own. We don’t have to strive (work hard to obtain) those things that are promised to us in this world, but we do have to be obedient to the way God leads us to do those things.

We have to let God lead the way because in all honesty, He is the Way.

J. Sherai

I know you’re thinking, “Okay, I get it, but how in the world do we do this and not begin to panic? How can we begin to trust God with our list?” Let me tell you how.


4 Ways to Give God Your “LIST”



The first thing we should do each morning is turn our hearts to God. Now, this can be hard for a single mother with children who are not yet self-sufficient. This mother would truly have to learn the practice of how she can do this in that season of her life, but I believe that God has a way for it to happen. Seek Him to find out. Once you’ve uttered your prayer, it could be as simple as “God, today is yours. I have my list but I hand it over to You. Show me Your Way. “ Once you’ve uttered that prayer, Be Still, if even for only 60 seconds. Be Still and Listen. When you hear God directing your paths, and I believe that He will. Be obedient to what He is leading you to do first.

He could wake the single mother up at 4am while her newborn is sleeping, encourage her to pray, encourage her to write down what needs to be done and then allow her to get a quick 30 minutes to an hour more of sleep. When she awakes for her day, she will be refreshed because God has already shown her how to go about her day.

The best way to give God your List, is to tell Him about your day, tell Him about the things you have to accomplish, the things you feel pressed to do, and then listen for what He says.

He knows far better than you, what truly needs to be done in this day.


2) I – Illustrate

Once you have listened for God’s instructions, He wants to see that you truly trust what He’s spoken to you. How will you do that? You will show Him that you value His wisdom, by your actions. Illustrate to Him that you value the time you are spending together and how He is leading your day. Wake up and listen for His leading and then go in that way. Remember, God knows more than you about your day. Show Him that you trust His guidance and that you will do as He said.

Imagine a friend coming to you for advice. She’s pouring her heart out to you concerning a problem and she’s been constantly seeking you for wisdom and advice. Finally, you share with her what you believe she should do in her situation. You offer her wisdom that you believe was led by God and then you send her on her way. The very next day, she comes back to you complaining about the very same things. Will you want to continuously, day after day, provide her the same wisdom and advice, knowing that she is not listening?

Think about your approach to God in the same way. The more we listen to His instructions for how to carry out our day and illustrate through our actions that we trust what He has said, the more He will open our eyes and reveal to us about our upcoming days. God needs to see that you trust Him, and the only way to show Him this is to illustrate through your actions that you truly trust His way.


3) S – Stop Striving

What have you said yes to today? Did God instruct you to? Did you feel a gut warning that this was not the way He wanted you to go?

I get it, people need you and you feel obligated, but what about God? He needs you to. If you said yes to their party and you felt like, “man, I should have said no.” Ask yourself, why? Why did you say yes, when you were pressed within to say no? What if God was leading you to a different party or event, where you would meet someone that could take your business to the next level? You won’t be there because you listened to pressures and obligations within you, instead of God wanting to direct you to the goodness He had in store for you on that day.

We have to learn that we don’t have to do anything in our own strength. What we do have to do is be obedient to how God leads us. God could send you into places you never imagined, and it can seem completely odd that He would send you to those places. Yet, you could meet the man of your dreams in that place, you could meet an investor for your business, or the life long friend that you’ve always wanted. Trust God, you don’t have to do a thing in your own strength. Stop Striving and taking matters into your own hands and leave them in God’s hands.

Everything God has promised you is already done, now let Him lead the way.

J. Sherai

4) T – Trust

Trust God. Trust Him with your day. Trust how He leads you. Trust when He says wait. Trust when He says rest. God knows you better than anyone and He knows the path you’re traveling on. Trust His no’s just as much as you trust His yes’s.

To live out our best life, to build our best businesses, to have the family we desire, there is one thing we must do, TRUST. If you trust Him, God will show you the way. You will get to every single place that you’ve always desired and every place you don’t reach, it will be understood that it wasn’t your stop along the way. TRUST.

I challenge you this week to hand over your lists. I challenge you to wake up every single day,


Author: J. Sherai Casey

Hello, my name is J. Sherai a.k.a. "The Success Strategist." I am the CEO & Founder of Release to Renew, LLC, an empowerment company solely focused on providing coaching sessions, products, and programs that lead to success strategies in life and business. You can catch me over on my site, releasetorenew.com, handing out success strategies, coaching men and women into a successful life and business, and constantly giving all Glory, Praise, and Honor to Jesus. Hope to see you over there :).

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this! Thanks so much for being obedient and sharing these words. Truly phenomenal!

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