Three Ways to Win in Your New Year


Hey Ladies and Happy New Year!! Can you believe that it is almost the end of January?

I honestly can!  2017 flew by so fast, that I am not at all surprised that 2018 appears to be doing the very same thing. 

Ladies, I truly believe that this is our year.  2018 is  filled with so much opportunity.  Women are no longer sitting in silence.  If you haven’t noticed recently, someone, somewhere, has begun tapping on the shoulders of women and whispering, “Girl, you don’t have to accept this, and you don’t have to be silent, you have been gifted with a voice, use it.”

With that soft whisper, women have become re-fueled and ignited.  We are rising and we are rising up boldly, absolutely determined to be the change that we wish to see.

Women across this entire world, have found their inner strength, and they are crying out, “Time’s UP,” and “NO MORE.”

Will you be a part of this movement?

You don’t have to be the next Oprah or the next Michelle Obama.  You can use your voice, exactly as you are and where you are.

Will you be bold enough to use it?  We all are passionate about something.  If your passion is children’s education, pursue it.  If your passion is dancing, get involved!  If your passion is writing, start that blog.  Whatever you are passionate about, now is the time to no longer ignore that fire inside you, but instead let it outUSE YOUR VOICE.

I know that you guys don’t just want to live in this year, I’m pretty sure your desire is to thrive.  I know you guys, don’t just want to be in the game this year,  I’m pretty sure you’re playing the game in order to win.  So how will you win?  What is your game plan to make 2018 different from 2017?  Whether you win or lose in this year, will ultimately be your choice. 


Many times we enter a new year with brand new goals, fresh fire, and overwhelming motivation to start.

Yet, most times what keeps us from winning is that we lack the discipline and commitment success requires,

in order to finish what we began.

J. Sherai


Three Ways to Win in Your New Year



  1. Create a Vision

What do you want to see differently in 2018 compared to 2017?  Why?

Why do you want to see those things change?   What makes you want this year to be filled with that vision?

Your answer to that question, is your purpose for creating your vision. 


Our purpose leads us forward, but it is the vision and passion within us that motivates us to follow.

J. Sherai


Vision is the act or power of sensing with the eyes.  It is sight.  It is one of your key senses.  It is what we anticipate to occur in our life.  Vision is a brother to passion.  It ignites passion.  Passion is the fire.  The fire is what grows within us.  Once it’s at a point that it cannot be contained, we suddenly realize that we have no choice but to forge ahead and answer the call.

Vision, shows us in the spiritual realm what’s ahead.  What’s your intuition, your gut, The Holy Spirit, telling you about your future?  That’s your vision. 

So take time today and ask yourself, what do I want to see differently in this year.  Ask yourself why.  Once you know your why, take time to envision your new year.  Once you have your vision, write it down.  Once you’ve written it down, create it. 

Supplies to Create your Vision: Magazines, glue, scissors and a poster board.

Bring the vision God has given you in the spiritual realm to life, create in the physical, what He has placed in your heart in the spiritual.  Then watch it unfold in the physical realm throughout your year.


The reason many fail to see the actual change that they desire to take place is because they lack the actual vision.  What does the change you desire look like?  You can’t cultivate nor build what you desire in your life, if you lack the vision.

J. Sherai

2. Set Goals

Now that you have created your vision, the real work begins.  You have to determine what steps you will need to take in order to bring this vision to lifeVision doesn’t just come to life without work.

No we are not to strive (force, work hard to obtain) what God has promised us.  Yes, we are to rest in His promises and know that He is the one that truly brings it forward into our life.  However, faith without works is dead (James 2:20) and God still calls us to be obedient.  Have you been ignoring His instructions concerning a specific goal, simply because it doesn’t make sense in your physical mind?

God isn’t going to bless you with that job if you’re not preparing in the way that He has advised.  Why haven’t you got that certification that is needed?  Why didn’t you ask that person to be your mentor when He instructed?

God won’t bless you with that home, if you refuse to listen to Him concerning your current residence of living.  Why won’t you invite that lonely friend over for dinner?  Why won’t you help that single mom who needs a break from her kids?

Look at the vision you created above.  Write each portion of your vision down from smallest to large.  Set goals for the smallest part of your vision and then move to the largest. Focus on one goal at a time and one step towards that goal at a time.  Don’t overwhelm yourself, progress is progress, no matter how big or small.  What steps will you need to take in order to accomplish your vision?  Where will you need help?


Many times, God is waiting on us.  He’s developing us and training us to be good stewards.  He’s waiting for us to show Him that we can handle what He has for us.  He’s training us to be obedient with His small commands, first.  Then, once He knows we can be trusted, He unleashes our future.

J. Sherai


3. Acknowledge Your Obstacles

Your vision has been created and now your goals are set.  What’s next?

The final way you can ensure that you will win in 2018 is to acknowledge your obstacles.  We all have things that we know hinder us and keep us from accomplishing our goals.  One of my biggest obstacles is procrastination and sometimes it has been unhealthy habits.  I will find myself making every excuse in the world to do the things I shouldn’t be doing, versus working on the things that I know must be done. 

The question you will have to determine in order to truly bring your vision to life, is, “How bad do I want it?”  You will have to ask yourself the hard questions and provide honest answers.  You will have to ask questions such as, “What will my life look like without this vision?” or “What will my life look like with this vision?”.  You will have to determine which vision is more important.  Once you have made up your mind, that this year will not be the same and you will do whatever it takes to see your vision come to life.  Acknowledge your obstacles.


God’s Word constantly talks to us about the mountains and valleys before us and the necessity of our faith.  I’m not sure why we believe that just because He gives us a purpose and vision, that nothing will stand in our way.  There will be mountains and valleys, but you have two things that God has provided you to overcome both, your prayer and your faith.

  J. Sherai

Look at the goals you set today.  What known obstacles currently stand in your way?  What can you do so that this obstacle does not hinder you?  Do you need an accountability partner?

If we face our obstacles head on and determine ways ahead of time to overcome them, the power for them to hinder us on our journey, decreases tremendously.  The key is to plan.  If you have no plan, you will have no future.

J. Sherai



Success Strategy:

Create the Vision,

Set the Goals,

Acknowledge Your Obstacles



Look at the Example below. Apply what you’ve learned today.  Ensure that this year is the year that you WIN!

  1. Vision – To Be Healthy in 2018
  2. 1st Goal: To workout 3 days a week
  3. Obstacles: (1) When I go home after work, I don’t stick to working out.    (2) When I skip more than one day at the gym, I don’t continue with my routine.    (3) When I workout by myself, I struggle to remain committed.


Author: J. Sherai Casey

Hello, my name is J. Sherai a.k.a. "The Success Strategist." I am the CEO & Founder of Release to Renew, LLC, an empowerment company solely focused on providing coaching sessions, products, and programs that lead to success strategies in life and business. You can catch me over on my site,, handing out success strategies, coaching men and women into a successful life and business, and constantly giving all Glory, Praise, and Honor to Jesus. Hope to see you over there :).

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