Three Reasons Why I’m Not Quitting my 9 to 5

Today is Wednesday, September 13, 2017.  I am sitting at the desk of my 9 to 5 busily typing away the business requirements for my next project, reaching out to my co-worker to see if she wants to do lunch, checking with my mentor to see if we can still do coffee tomorrow morning, and simultaneously texting a business partner about what time we can meet.

This is my life.  Meet, J. Sherai, a girl who loves her 9 to 5 (most days) and also, runs her very own business.

Read on to learn why this Entrepreneur refuses to quit her 9 to 5.


Three Reasons Why I’m not Quitting my 9 to 5


1. God Hasn’t Told Me to Quit

Okay, okay, okay! I get it!

I know we live in a generation where most people are not working for anyone, but themselves.  I am not knocking entrepreneurs who are out there working and thriving in their business and choosing to not work a 9 to 5.

All I am saying is that God hasn’t told me to quit!

So if He hasn’t communicated that to me, I am not quitting, and that is the number 1 reason why I’m not quitting my 9 to 5.  


2. I Still Have Purpose There

If God hasn’t communicated to me to quit.  If He hasn’t physically removed me from my corporate job, it’s because I still have a purpose there.  I am a Christian and Christian’s believe we are strategically placed all over this world for a reason or a purpose.  I truly believe that I have not been removed or called to quit my job because there is still a purpose for me here.

Whether I am building a network of clients for my coaching business, learning business strategies and skills, or helping others know what is within themselves at work.  There is a purpose here for me to fulfill.

God won’t call me to leave where I am unless my purpose here is complete.  

So if I am still here, it’s because I have a purpose here, and that is the 2nd reason why I’m not quitting my 9 to 5. 


3. It Pays My Bills and Funds My Dreams

Let’s be real, money pays bills.  They are not taking IOU’s or anything else when the first of the month rolls around.  They are taking cold, hard cash for those bills.  My job pays my bills and it helps to fund my dreams.  I am able to fully function and build my business due to the benefits of my current job.

My job is also in direct alignment with my values and goals.  

Their mission is to serve and so is mine.  Through my job, I am able to educate myself further, meet like minded people, change lives through how I deliver my skills and services, volunteer in the community, travel the world, and so much more.   Not only does it pay my bills but it helps to fund so many of my dreams.

I am fulfilling my purpose on the job and at home because of my 9 to 5.  

My job is the resource that God has provided me in order to serve this world, pay my bills, and fund my dreams and that is the third reason why I’m not quitting my 9 to 5.  

Author: J. Sherai Casey

Hello, my name is J. Sherai a.k.a. "The Success Strategist." I am the CEO & Founder of Release to Renew, LLC, an empowerment company solely focused on providing coaching sessions, products, and programs that lead to success strategies in life and business. You can catch me over on my site,, handing out success strategies, coaching men and women into a successful life and business, and constantly giving all Glory, Praise, and Honor to Jesus. Hope to see you over there :).

6 thoughts on “Three Reasons Why I’m Not Quitting my 9 to 5

  1. Great reasons not to leave the 9 to 5. I must add, although I am in the beginning, very beginning stages of developing my business OF being a custom jewelry designer and home decor, I need my 9 to 5 for the health insurance. I am blessed to have a job that covers 80% of medical expenses!

    1. Thank You for Reading and yes that is definitely another reason why many won’t leave their 9 to 5. Health Insurance is so very important! Good Luck on building your business and reach out to me if you have questions along the way!

  2. Sometimes I want to quit my job but then I remember the money I get there is what I use in helping others….my business feeds me. Thanks for calling my attention to the purpose of God

    1. No problem! God gets the Glory. Thank you for reading. We each have to listen to what God is instructing us to do in each season and follow His route. He will supply our every need when we step out in faith and follow Him :).

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