These Are The Breaks?

She sat on her couch scrolling through her Facebook feed to pass the time. She was waiting for her girlfriends to stop by so they can get girls night started. As she was scrolling, she saw a post from him and she stopped to read it. It was nonsense, as she considered most posts on Facebook to be. She chuckled a little and smoothed her hair behind her ears. She was supposed to be spending that Friday night with him, but his inconsistency and inability to communicate had made her change her mind. She knew the type of woman that she was, she wasn’t perfect, but she was a damn good woman. Not only that, but she was prepared to be a good woman, to the right man. She closed out her Facebook app, laid back on her couch and sighed. She very well could come up with a bunch of excuses for him and continue on with him. She was frustrated with being single, but she had standards and she intended to keep them. She heard the familiar ding of her phone, letting her know she had received a text message. Her friends were outside, and it was time to get girls night started She stood up, slid her feet into her gold heels, grabbed her purse and headed for the door. It would all work out, there is no sense in giving 110% if the other person is not giving the same, and she was a 110% kind of woman, she wasn’t giving breaks.

Ok listen, the title of this post is “These are the Breaks?” but for real, ain’t no breaks around here biiiiiiiih! What is the point of working so hard to get yourself together, only to go backwards by settling? Yet we do it all of the time, all in an effort to have someone in our lives. Then we wonder why we are so unhappy and disappointed when it doesn’t work.

It’s because we ignore the red flags, lower the standards we worked so hard to build and live by, and we give…breaks

“If they can just change this…” If they don’t think they need to change it, guess what? They not aboutta change it boo!

“They’ve been through so much…” Haven’t we all?!

“They just need love…” you can show this without sacrificing yourself or your happiness.

Or the number one “I can change them…”

Okaaaaaay listen, first of all, you can inspire someone, motivate someone, encourage someone, but change is intrinsic. They have to be ready to change, and ready to truly put in the work, if you try to do it for them, you will be drained.

Think about how far you have come. Think about how much work you put into building a good life. Ain’t no breaks around here! Anyone in your life should be adding value to your life, not turning it upside down.

There is someone that is ready to give you everything you give out. If you are giving your all, there is someone that is ready to meet that and give it right back to you. You know how beautiful and healthy it is to have someone that can pour back into you? Why settle for less than that?



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