The Break. The Split. The Aftermath.

I had to do it. I was left with no other choice. The discomfort was overwhelming and nearly unbearable. The pressure on my chest made it hard to sleep and difficult to breathe. Nothing I tried gave me permanent relief. No one I talked to could help me. I saw numerous signs showing me that I needed to move on to something new, but I still had so many questions. I needed to make sense of what was happening to me and why.

The Break

Today marks Day 3 of my social media break, the longest break I have had from social media since starting Women By Choice almost 4 years ago. At 4 AM on Sunday, December 14, 2017, I woke up out of my sleep to the same nagging feeling I had been experiencing for days. As I laid in the dark with a million thoughts running through my mind and prayers for clarity, an idea that made perfect sense finally emerged. I knew it was right because I immediately felt relief at just the thought of it. The idea was to silence all of the voices around me so that I could clearly hear from God.

As an entrepreneur in 2017, the thought of logging off social media for an unspecified length of time would have usually been quickly dismissed. However, I was so uncomfortable that I was left with no other choice. Plus, once it came to me, my gut agreed with it and my spirit was at peace with the decision. This is not my first time feeling discomfort due to growing pains, but this is the first time that I felt it so intensely. On my journey, I’ve learned that discomfort comes whenever I am approaching a breakthrough, reaching a new level, or preparing to birth a new idea. I knew that whatever was coming was going to require my full focus and commitment.

The Split

Today is also significant because it is the first day of the official launch of Before today, I struggled with my identity. Not because I don’t know who I am, but because my identity was getting lost in Women By Choice. As the founder of a global network for women, most of my thoughts, words, and actions are based on what’s best for the women I serve. I tried to hide behind the brand I was building for years because I never wanted to single myself out or do anything that would make people think that the movement was about me. I always understood that the mission and vision for Women By Choice is far beyond just my thoughts and feelings. These last few years have truly tested my humanity and humility. I believe that I passed the test and I am now being pushed to a new level.

All of the signs make so much more sense now. I have been met with so much resistance lately as I’ve been trying to force myself to keep going down the same path with Women By Choice. Despite my attempts to remain in the shadows, more and more people are calling me out to use my gifts and seeking to acknowledge and learn more about me, the founder of Women By Choice. As I’ve learned and accomplished a lot this year, my confidence has increased and my voice desires to be even less censored. I became a Shopify Partner weeks ago, which provided me with the opportunity to build this website in less than 24 hours (I’ll share more about this in my next post). It has been made crystal clear to me that I have outgrown the space I was in and this split needed to happen.

The Aftermath

It feels good to be in my own space, a little weird though. I have been building Women By Choice on the same platform since I began. It has been a journey learning the ins and outs of building a website and it has been exciting watching evolve as I learned new things along the way. Women By Choice was where I started blogging, coaching, speaking, hosting online courses, and so much more. This website has seen my blood, sweat, and tears so it will always have sentimental value. However, there’s no reason to feel bad about the separation. I am going to still be very much apart of the continued growth and success of Women By Choice and I’m excited for what the future holds now that I have a new space to share all that Andromeda has to offer. I’m confident that it is going to bring me a lot of joy and produce a lot of black girl magic.

I plan to resume managing the @womenbychoice and @andromeda.wins Instagram pages soon. The split that has occurred will reflect in all posts going forward. I will still be blogging on, but my services have moved here. There will also be two separate email lists for Women By Choice and Andromeda Wins so if you want to keep up with me, be sure to subscribe to my list on the homepage at Get ready to see and hear more from me. I can’t wait to reveal what’s next.

There are three things I hope you got from reading this:

1.  Don’t be afraid to do what’s best for you.

2. Amazing things happen when you allow yourself to be moved out of your comfort zone.

3. The pressure can’t break you unless you let it. On the opposite end of your struggle is strength, wisdom, and more success. Always do what’s right regardless of how you feel. Push through to the better version of you.

Author: Andromeda, Women by Choice Founder

Andromeda is an Author, Motivational Speaker, Success Coach, and the Founder of Women by Choice Global who is passionate about empowering women to discover their purpose, tap into their power, become the best version of themselves, and ultimately win in life and in business.

3 thoughts on “The Break. The Split. The Aftermath.

  1. Wow! I found some very empowering jewels in your blog. I do follow your page and as a woman who does women empowerment too the journey is not easy at all. Especially when you have tried to connect and build alliances with women who just yeah…No words! But I had to say they aren’t the right one’s to be apart of what I am seeking to do and that alliance of collective work and support for me. I am already in that UNCOMFY place but I know I have to trust God more now than ever in this new change and see the great thing from it. I am right here! God knows the decisions in front of me.
    Thank you for what you do and your re inspiring me.
    Bless you the more.

  2. I love this quote from your article, “On my journey, I’ve learned that discomfort comes whenever I am approaching a breakthrough, reaching a new level, or preparing to birth a new idea. I knew that whatever was coming was going to require my full focus and commitment.”

    Everyone deals with fear of making change or fear of the unknown. But if I prepare myself ahead of time by focusing on what to expect and the good outcome it will hep me overcome the struggle of why I’m felling fear.

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