Sis, You’re Poppin!

She was sitting at her desk rewriting her bio for her website when she received a text message from one of her sisters from another mister.  The women’s empowerment company she worked with had featured her as that month’s “winning woman”.  As she opened up the post and read through it, she found herself smiling. Then she looked up at her bio and as she was reading through her accomplishments, she smiled some more. She had certainly come a long way, hadn’t she? She thought about the insecure girl she used to be and how all over the place she was. It took her quite a while to find herself and she was finally at the point in her life where she felt like she was on the right track. In that moment, she thanked God for her progress and smiled, she was going to have a glass of champagne when she got home and congratulate herself. It had been a long time coming and it was well deserved.

Women, we don’t celebrate ourselves enough! It’s ok to pat yourself on the back, but too often we get caught up in the daily grind, working, taking care of home, out here grinding making our dreams come true and everything else, that we often leave little time for reflection. When I use the word reflection here, I’m not speaking of reflecting on the parts of us that we need to work on, that’s a constant journey. I’m talking about the kind of reflection that allows you to look at your life and see how far you have come and how much you have grown. I’m thinking of the gospel song that goes “when I look back over my life, and I think things over, I can truly say that I’ve been blessed I got a testimony”.

When I think back on my life I can remember having absolutely no self-esteem, being suicidal and attempting suicide. I remember feeling incomplete if I didn’t have approval from man or woman and always wanting some kind of attention. I was never happy, like ever. As my sister from another mister Dr. Joy Evans once said, “I smiled when I was supposed to and I said what everyone wanted to hear”. I was completely miserable, and those days were dark. However, I thank God for never leaving me, because eventually, the day came where I said enough is enough, life is supposed to be better than this and I’m supposed to be accomplishing more than this. Once I made the decision to live my life in the best way possible I started finding my voice, my calling and I started LIVING. The best part of all of this is I get to help other people do the same thing in the process, and I’m helping other women do the same!

So yes, indeed I gave myself a little pat on the back and poured a glass of champagne. My life is amazing, even when it gets hard my life is amazing, and though I have come far, I know there is still so much more for me to do and more mountains to stand on top of in victory. To God be the glory.

Learn to pat yourself on the back, celebrate yourself! FLIP YOUR FREAKIN HAIR! And throw on those aviator glasses and strut sis! You’ve come a long way baby girl and your progress should be celebrated! You got this!




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