Shine Bright Like A Diamond

In life I’ve learned you truly are the creator of your own destiny. We may not be able to control everything that happens to us in life but we must remember we can always choose our reactions and our plans to move forward. Growing up I’ve always wanted to put my best foot forward. Many people have given me advice telling me things such as “fake it til you make it” or “do it scared”. Easier said than done right? I agree. Over the weekend at the Stepping to Sisterhood event in NY, I thought hard about the words and speeches given by the wonderful speakers. I learned the importance of doing things with purpose and to be intentional with what I deposit and withdraw in my life. Sometimes you really have to sit back and evaluate your life and what’s going on in it. We may not always be able to see everything and understand it as its happening but one day we will know why we came across many trials and tribulations.

I have also learned to speak things into existence. There is true power in the words we speak. We have the ability to impact the lives of others without even knowing it. Some of the most powerful women on the face of this earth claim to be introverts. Even as introverts women have the ability to exude confidence and touch the life of another. I have seen this play out many times in my life. The presence of someone is enough the day of someone else. With that being said, I encourage all of you to embrace who you are and always put your best foot forward. Do not worry about fear or failure. Choose success, choose confidence and most importantly choose willpower. 

Take some time to think about who you are and where you are going. Can you envision what that looks like? What steps do you need to get there? What fears do you need to conquer? Who can help keep you accountable? How can you positively impact someone’s life today?

Until next time

– Melena

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