I don’t want to go through life feeling this way. Fearing rejection. Fearing disappointment. Fearing failure. It’s unhealthy, and despite our rejection, failure, and disappointments, we mustn’t feel like we have failed.

As we experience suicides of public figures and also in our personal lives, we need to emphasize how important our mental well being is. We must look at the bigger picture.  Imagine life being a puzzle that’s missing pieces. As we experience moments in life, we add another piece to the puzzle.  It’s the bigger picture. We are not born whole. But, as life goes on, we build ourselves up to become the best version of ourselves. It’s our duty as  individuals.  The road will get rocky. There will be hills to climb, tornadoes, earthquakes, and life shattering moments during this journey. The challenge is to make sure that throughout those storms, we do not break. But, you cannot do it on your own. Life provides you with all of the resources you need to get through it all. Some you will have to work hard to obtain, and others will be easily accessible. Make an effort. Be kind to yourself. Seek help and guidance.

As I prepare myself for the next big step in my life, I have learned to embrace rejection and disappointment. I often prevent myself from getting too excited if something feels good- fear of something disappointing following after. It is a way to protect myself. I say ” let me not get too excited because something stupid always happens to me”. Meaning, disappointment or rejection often follows a good feeling. I’ve come to realize how unhealthy this is and unfair. It’s not fair to treat myself this way, and I am determined to fix it.

I am now on a journey to celebrate my wins despite what comes next. A win is a win, and all a part of the puzzle. Moving forward, I will celebrate myself more and stop being so hard on myself.

Protect your sanity. One day you will tell your story and it will include all of the trials and tribulations you had to experience to get where you are in life. You may even laugh and praise yourself for being so strong and capable of overcoming it all.  However, you will be empowering others to push past fear, rejection, and disappointment, because on the other side, victory is awaiting.  No matter how difficult your trek may be, trust, just push.

“Feed your courage, starve your fears.” –April McCallum

Photo by Perla de los Santos on Unsplash

Author: Shellon Johnson

Shellon Johnson is a New Yorker with big dreams. As a child, she found her love of writing through reading and journal writing. Since then, she has grown to complete multiple degrees, certificate programs, and work in various industries in both private and public sectors. Shellon is the owner of PoshLife Events & Decor, LLC, a former New York City based event planning company, but recently decided to get back into her passion of writing, her best form of self expression. As a proud Women By Choice member, Shellon contributes to the WBC blog providing lifestyle content, and write ups on Winning Women throughout the world.

3 thoughts on “Push…

  1. Awesome read! Made me think about my own storms and how I’be pushed through. I know I have deep scars that I am now ready to start healing in order to reach my full potential and find the best “me”.

    Thank you for being so reflective and inspiring.

  2. This was amazing! Honestly, tears came to my eyes at the end of the post. This post is a good way to connect to people that do feel the ways that are described in the post. This blog is also empowering to let people know that they can push on, that they have a story to tell, and that they will win. So I appreciate this post. Thank you.

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