Are you craving happiness, freedom, peace, power, purpose, faith, joy, clarity, and progression? Do you feel out-of-control, unhappy, powerless, insecure, envious, confused, purposeless, stuck, or discouraged? This digital workbook consists of 21 lessons and assignments to empower you to live a confident, happy, and successful life. Touching on just about every issue that most women experience like: conquering insecurities, communicating effectively, improving time management, finding your purpose, staying positive in negative situations, and much more, this workbook is sure to have something to inspire, encourage, and motivate you to become the best version of yourself. Each lesson is accompanied by a self-evaluation assignment to assist you with making yourself accountable for improving the quality of your life and taking control of your own happiness and success. Description: 67 pages including space to complete assignments The content in this workbook has received reviews like: “This has definitely made me woman up! At the point I am at in my life, this was EXACTLY what I needed. This is what I longed for. I feel refreshed, revived, like I can conquer anything I set my mind and heart to. Though my journey isn’t over, the skillset you’ve embedded will last me a lifetime. I AM an EMPOWERED woman.” Manessa L. “This has instilled in me the importance of self-evaluation. I believe that better is possible. I can no longer be confined or defined by my fears. I look over my assignments and I’m thankful for the framework of greatness that you’ve given me to live a boundless life. I feel myself becoming more open and supportive of those around me and letting go of the things that don’t feed into my glory. I’m kind of tearing up as I write this because I dug deep into each assignment and discovered traits I need to change, but also traits that make me proud of who I’m becoming. I see a level of honesty and realness within myself that I gained through this journey. Again, I am so thankful!!!! Please continue to speak into the lives of young women like myself because it makes all the difference.” Amari T. “This has been a season of growth for me and it still is a work in progress. I want to send a special thanks to Women By Choice who has encouraged and empowered me to pursue my dreams no matter the obstacles I face, to dig deep and keep pushing through. You see we all need something from each other. Some of us just think we got it altogether. It’s important to self examine your heart and not focus on anything that brings you negative energy or make you feel less than. Between losing loved ones and the chaos in between from the demands of others, I felt like shutting down. But through my empowerment course I was able to push through and complete my mom blog and hoping to launch my book in January.” Shenine W. “This is so worth it ladies…if you are looking for growth within your personal life…this will take you there, mind and spirit. Thank you again Women By Choice. It is a life-changer.” LeCourtney H.

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