My Love Letter to Women

Although women are considered to be vulnerable are under appreciated and often taken for granted I pray one day we can get the respect & recognition we deserve. Like palm trees we endure so much and the winds and storms of life toss us to & fro but we bounce back maybe not all the time physically depending on the circumstances but spiritually,mentally & emotionally we rise.

We continue to be life,give and sustain it in our homes,at work, our places of worship & in the community. In spite of ALL the meaningful and priceless contributions we make to the world we unfortunately still have to fight for basic necessities like respect or to be seen (not in a sexual or just physical way) but as intelligent,contributing members of society and to be heard and recognized for our strength and brilliance. 

No matter who you are or where you are I want you to know that you inspire me. When I see women hustling in the various ways we often do I am encouraged and empowered to keep going. 

I am so proud to be a woman & this letter was created as a form of love and admiration to you. Keep going,growing & shining. May God continue to keep you throughout your life’s journey.



2 thoughts on “My Love Letter to Women

  1. Tomar throughout everything you have endured you continue to be a light in this world. I am so happy to know you and have witnessed your love for your sisters. You are blessed and loved on this earth we all appreciate you and your strength is admirable and inspiring. Keep Going sister!

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