Live a full life

There are times I know I dimmed my light for the comfort of other people. And if that kept the peace I was fine with that but not any more.

As I approach 40 (I am 38 now) I am developing a comfort in myself that I never allowed to develop. You maybe thinking…Why did it take so long? Well…I was in my own way and often times minimized my strengths and magnified my insecurities (in my head).
To top that I allowed fear to get the best of me and we all know how ruthless the spirit of fear can be.

I compare living & operating in fear every day to doing time on the outside. It’s like having freedom but living in bondage mentally,spiritually & emotionally which ultimately cripples you physically.

I recently realized growing older has made me overthink everything. If I can’t see the full picture or I can’t make sense of it at the time I don’t move on it. Can you imagine how much I’ve missed out on?

I aspire to live a full life going forward and that will require faith in action. When I was in my late teens to early 20’s… I lived.

I traveled every year for my birthday even if I could barely afford it,I did it anyway. I went to Miami with 100.00 one time and returned home with just enough to take the train home. But I had the best time of my life & that experience will last my lifetime.

Time is only an illusion.You think you have so much of it but you don’t. I’m learning to respect and utilize it the best way I can and I pray you do to.

God bless you✨

“And so she decided to start living the life she imagined.” ~Unknown


4 thoughts on “Live a full life

  1. Ufff … Definitely food for thought for all ages … I’m proud of you and it’s definitely an honor to know you … I’m a witness that you make an imprint in all of the people’s lives that know you … Your amazing and continue to your Sparkle wherever you go Beautiful ✨✨

  2. Powerful and true words, got to live in the moment and make the most of it. Something s come our way but once.. thanks for sharing.

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