Let The Good Times Roll

She ran into her apartment like a whirlwind. She was running late as usual, and her friends, thankfully, knew her well enough not to get to the party on time. She was feeling great after leaving the gym and couldn’t wait to hang out with her friends. Once she got out of the shower, she got herself together and slid into one of her new dresses. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. She had worked so hard on her life, taking care of herself physically, mentally and spiritually. She felt this nudging inside that it was time to let go and have fun. That’s exactly what she felt like doing and she decided that this is exactly what she would do. She grabbed her keys, ran out of the door and into the world, ready to take it all by storm.

Listen, Summer 2017, I’m about to act up! LOL The past four years I have dedicated myself to my own personal growth and development. It has been the most rewarding journey I have ever taken. My confidence has grown, I found my purpose, my relationships are stable, I’m feeling great emotionally and yooooo I look great! So I figured this would be the perfect time to start dating in hopes of finding a partner to compliment me right? Well, chiiiiiiile, I started dating, but that partner stuff still hasn’t gone as planned. So I was laying in bed one night like damn, I’m well rounded, educated, pretty, classy (except when Juvenile’s Back That Thang Up” comes on, but that’s a different posting). So I started to wonder what the problem was. Well, my dears, there isn’t a problem. There is not one problem, everything is fine. It’s easy to think that once we get ourselves together, then its time for this deep relationship, however this isn’t always the case. In my case, there is a world out there, ready to be explored and lived in just a little bit more. I have always been a fun woman to be around, however, now I am truly feeling free and the free spirit, fun loving, no stress, no mess Chamar is back in the building. I am always open to a relationship, that’s just who I am, but right now babyyyyyy, life has presented me with opportunities to explore, have fun, take chances, be bold, and enjoy everything around me, and I plan to do just that. This means, that I am not in a position to stress about a relationship, I will let it go and let God do his thing.

As I write this, I am preparing for a date tonight and I do not plan on even attempting to think if this could be the one, I am going to simply enjoy my night. The fact of the matter is, you only get once chance at life, this is not a dress rehearsal. So this means that you have to take every opportunity to have fun and live with gratitude. The right man will come along when its time and not a minute before. You could rush it, but you’ll regret it. So doll, if you can’t rush it, enjoy your life, stack your money, find your purpose, walk in your purpose, the care of yourself and HAVE FUN!

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