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It was Quarter 2 of 2018 and she wanted to start the year over. She was so excited for the New Year to begin. She had all her plans mapped out with hopes, goals and dreams ready for 2018. She could hardly wait for 2017 to be finished so that she could have a clean slate in 2018.

On the 4th day of April 2018 she reached home, sat down and began to cry. All of her plans, hopes, goals and dreams seemed to be going nowhere fast. She was becoming extremely frustrated with the New Year. It felt like just another year but she wanted this year to be different. She wanted this year to be the year ‘She Designed the Life She Wanted‘ she prayed and ask God to show her how to make this year different. While she waited on an answer and direction from God she decided to create a vision board. She believed if she could see her goals, she could have them. A vision board is a visual representation of your goals and when your goals are displayed it gives you clarity and helps you to focus.

Next, she reflected on what she wanted her ‘word’ to be for 2018. The word concept has been around for a while, the word you choose sets the tone for you throughout the year. She decided that she wanted her word to be WIN. Then she thought to herself if she wanted to WIN this year, she first needed to define what winning means to her. She defined winning as accomplishing the goals she has set for herself without losing balance in life. Then she decided to list the areas in her life where she wanted to WIN. The calendar year has four quarters and she thought it best to focus on one area per quarter.  The four areas she wanted to conqueror in 2018 were to become an Inspirational Speaker; develop a closer relationship with God; maintain an active lifestyle through travel and health; and grow her network through women empowerment. After she identified the four areas of her life where she wanted to WIN she applied the business principle S.M.A.R.T to help her create steps to achieve her goals. S.M.A.R.T means specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time. To help her achieve her relationship with God the smart steps were too fast, pray, meditate, fellowship and read the Word of God; to become an inspirational speaker she decided to join Toastmasters International to help her develop both her speech writing and public speaking skills.   

After she created her vision board, she decided to place her vision board in an area where she could view it every day. She also took a picture of her vision board and saved it to her phone as a screen saver. She then promised herself to do something every day that would bring her a step closer to achieving her goals.  She wanted to connect to her vision board and she remembered the scripture in Hebrews 11:1 that says ‘Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen’ she decided to connect to her vision board by believing she had already achieved her goals through faith, hope, daily affirmations, prayer and work.

It was Quarter 2 of 2018 and on the 17th day of April , 2018 she had completed her vision board, she had a visual representation of her goals, she looked at her vision board every day and did something daily that brought her a step closer to completing her goals.  She had faith and hope and she was working relentlessly to be a winner. She was happy, she had joy, she was one step closer to designing the life she wanted. She created a vision board, next she choose a word that she wanted to set the tone for the year, then she identified 4 areas in her life that she wanted to win, afterwards she applied the business principle S.M.A.R.T to help her create steps to help her achieve her goals.

If you would like to know the other S.M.A.R.T steps she took achieve her women empowerment and lifestyle goals or if you would like to create a vision board and need help please contact the author by commenting below.


2 thoughts on “Create Your Vision for 2018

  1. This piece of reading has really inspired me to focus . I know what I want but needed help trying to get started. I loved how the writer used the word S.M.A.R.T. to help her stay focus and dedicated to her overall goals. So inspiring. Loved it.

  2. This post is inspiring. Most times, when things don’t go the way we plan. We tend to want to give up. I’m presently in that kind of situation and I’m trying super hard not to throw in the towel. Thanks for this post dear author.

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