Choose a path


Have you ever set out to accomplish a goal but became nervous because you didn’t know how to start? Ever thought maybe I should wait on the Lord? Maybe I should dig a ditch and plant those seeds? What’s the real difference between being patient and waiting with no plan? 

I’ll be the first to tell you being patient is far from easy! I struggle with being patient daily. I often want to plan everything due to my need for everything to go my way. I like things to happen when I want and the way I want. Unfortunately that’s not how life works. Sometimes… most times we have to be patient. Nothing really happens on our time. All though this may be true for most situations we do have to still act and think past tomorrow. Being patient does not mean you should not have a plan. You can continue to work on yourself and your goals and be patient, believing everything will fall into place. As we get older, we learn new ways to do this. We learn new ways to re-evaluate our lives and make better choices. We cannot sit around waiting for life to figure it self out. Our choices and our actions help us choose our paths. We have to trust everything will go as it’s intended to but that will not be possible without us putting in the effort and doing our part. We have two choices. Wait and do nothing or be patient and act. You get to choose which way you want to go. Choose wisely. 

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