Meet our Preferred Coaches! Each quarter (4 times per year), Elite and Elevated Choice members have the opportunity to meet with the members of our Choice Coaches Council for a virtual mastermind to pick their brains and receive guidance, support, and accountability to overcome current challenges and reach big goals. If you’ve never participated in a mastermind, perhaps the most powerful part about it (besides getting answers to your questions) is that you are able to also learn about challenges other members are facing and how to overcome those challenges should you face them in the future. Become an Elite or Elevated Choice member today to start getting real help and receiving valuable information that will assist you to excel in life and succeed in business. With the wealth of knowledge in our Choice Coaches Council, it is likely that at least one of our coaches has the solution to the problem that has you confused, stuck, or discouraged. By participating in the quarterly masterminds lead by our Choice Coaches Council, you are guaranteed to learn something you didn’t know before and leave with greater insight into what you need to do to win. As our mantra states, “When Women Support Women, We ALL Win!”

Featured in Sheen Magazine, The Huffington Post, Life Coach Network Magazine, and numerous other reputable publications, Andromeda Raheem is a powerhouse who has dedicated her life and career to empowering and uniting women. In May 2014, after experiencing years of disappointing interactions with females, Andromeda made the choice to turn her pain into power and do her part to create a space for positive women to connect and collaborate by founding Women by Choice, a global network that encourages support and sisterhood among women. As an empowerment and success coach, girl power advocate, author of She Wins: The Ultimate Guide for Women to Gain a Winning Mindset and Lead a Winning Lifestyle, Success Coach, and motivational speaker, Andromeda hosts and speaks at events around the world for the purpose of empowering women to manifest the life they deserve and live up to their full potential. Andromeda was an honoree at the 2018 Glitz and Girl Power Awards, awarded the Women On The Rise Social Media Blogger Award at the 2017 Women On the Rise Orlando Awards Gala, and has been recognized as an Ambassador of Change in the city of Orlando, FL by Ambassadors of Change, Inc. Andromeda wholeheartedly believes that “When Women Support Women, We ALL Win!” You can connect with Andromeda Raheem by visiting her website at

Over a decade of experience as a corporate consultant and a WFM expert, Juanita teaches the ambitious entrepreneur how to combine planning, processes and systems with their passion and purpose in order to generate consistent PROFIT. Juanita’s journey through adolescent hardship, and her ability to triumph over life adversity early on, ignited a desire to serve, coach and educate those who had a strong will to win…NO MATTER WHAT! Connecting with entrepreneurs who were full of passion but were pained by their lack of profitability, and working side by side with corporate CEOS who consistently hit and even exceeded their sales targets inspired Juanita to develop a tool that would break down the fortune 500 grand design, so that small business entities of any caliber could learn it, apply it and SCORE big in business. You can connect with Juanita Coley by visiting her website at

Ronda A. Brunson has over 15 years of experience in the credit industry. Her first introduction into the world of credit was as a manager for Cellular One (then Cingular Wireless). After leaving Cingular Wireless, Ronda obtained employment at NCO Financial Systems, a large collection firm where she continued to acquire knowledge about the financial industry. There she witnessed firsthand how not paying your bills could potentially have devastating and even legal effects on your credit report and your life in general. In 2008, Ronda, along with her partner, Stephan Foreman, created S. Foreman & Associates Inc. (SFA), a credit restoration business located in Baltimore, Maryland. SFA has helped thousands of people nationwide purchase homes, cars, obtain loans, and improve their overall financial portfolios. In 2014, this ambitious entrepreneur revamped SFA as Ms. B Credit Queen when her partner decided to focus more on auto dealerships and property management companies. In 2017, Ronda created Project Restore Bmore, a non profit agency which works to slow gentrification and helps minorities through the home purchase process. Currently she is touring the country with her books and hosting speaking engagements “preaching and teaching the credit gospel to all who will listen”. You can connect with Ronda Brunson by visiting her website at

Jasmine Womack is a book publisher and consultant who teaches women how to own their voice, organize their ideas, self-publish their books and use their books to build their business. She’s helped hundreds of clients write and publish their books, and develop their content for speaking, masterclasses, and online programs so they can expand their reach and their revenue. As a generational educator with (previous) 12 years experience in public middle school education, Jasmine has seen first-hand the power of education to transform lives and change bloodlines. She enjoys helping women to own the power within themselves, and encouraging women to share their stories to increase their impact and create income. She does this by speaking, coaching, and hosting training seminars and workshops. In her spare time, Jasmine enjoys relaxing with her husband and cuddling with her children under a blanket while eating popcorn and watching animated movies. You can connect with Jasmine Womack by visiting her website at

Dr. Shamieka Dean, Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Psychology and Leadership is a Purpose and Profit Strategist to aspiring entrepreneurs, future leaders and influencers. Shamieka’s keen prophetic gift sets her apart from those in her niche’. She prophetically aligns her clients with God’s purpose for their lives helping them achieve unlimited success in every area of their life. Shamieka has been featured on The Huffington Post, Top 50 Women Business Stars on The Boss Network, Queen B Magazine, I am Ruby Magazine, The Treva & Kevin Show, Let’s Talk TV Show and is known as one of Clarksville Tennessee’s leading ladies. She’s sold out two tours, A Mile in My Shoes The Movement and Coffee and Cupcakes: Conversation with Wives and Future Wives. She’s the brains behind The Ultimate Wives Club, Real Love Rocks and CEO of Shamieka Dean Enterprises. Her international selling book, Positioning Yourself to be a Wife has reviews that have changed lives worldwide. A YouTube breakout star, Shamieka’s rise in the world of entrepreneurship took flight November 2017 when a 17 minute video (link video here) of her testimony went viral with over 400,000 views as she shared her story on how getting fired from her job catapulted her into her destiny of becoming a Six figure earner in her coaching business. A woman who mixed business with faith and made it work in her favor. She didn’t have to give up what she loved most (faith and family) to do what she loved most (build a business based on her purpose). You can connect with Shamieka Dean by visiting her website at

Chicago native Tamika Thompson launched MCM Professional Resume Writing Services in September of 2013. After studying Marketing for Communications and Print Journalism at Lewis University, she successfully merged her passion for writing and content creation with her natural business savvy to originate an entity designed to deliver career development services and assistance to ambitious career ready dreamers to achieve professional success. Throughout Tamika’s 10 year career in Marketing, Communications, and Customer Service, she has worked for several Fortune 500 companies where she has implemented her journalistic and design expertise to create and distribute 3 company-wide newsletters, develop and craft tailored over 100 messages, strategize promotion/marketing strategies, and establish several online brands. Since starting MCM Professional Resume Writing Services, Tamika has written over 250 resumes and has helped hundreds of frustrated job applicants get past Applicant Tracking Systems to land interviews at some of America’s top ranked companies and organizations. You can connect with Tamika Thompson by visiting her website at

Jaci Marie, RN is a mindset and lifestyle transformation coach.  She is super passionate about helping women to create a life they love by their own design. Her style is about mixing the spiritual with taking the inspired action to be able to consciously create more joy, love, freedom and abundance in life. She’s obsessed with helping women to master the inner game and release the limiting beliefs that keep holding them back.  She believes living the life of our dreams is here and now and it’s her mission to help women step into that power, greatness and create a life they love!

Ashley Deka is a Fitness and Accountability Coach based out of Atlanta, Georgia. She has a bachelor’s degree in Sports Management and minor in Business. Her passion is health and fitness and she works with clients online and in person. Ashley believes, “With the right tools and guidance you can do anything you put your mind to because creating a new lifestyle change can be challenging.”  She struggled with an eating disorder for many years and has learned to change her life and wants to motivate and inspire others. Her main goal is to teach you how to live a healthy lifestyle that fits your life with realistic expectations. Ashley was an Ambassador of Change workshop speaker for the 2018 MBUSAM Call Me Miss Ambassador Conference. She offers a 5 Week Think Challenge Program and a 90 Day Think Health Online Challenge. Her blog on her website offers recipes, workouts and fitness tips. In 2019, she is expected to release a book and a brand new 30 day program. Ashley knows that thinking health is truly wealth. You can connect with Ashley Deka by visiting her website at

Chamar Logan is an author, motivational speaker and Transformation Coach. She is the Editor-in-Chief of the Women by Choice Blog and has had an essay published entitled, “A Letter to My Young Sisters” as well as a #1 Amazon New Release e-book called “The Seven Day Slay!”. Her most recent book, The Thirty Day Slay! was published on October 31, 2017 and is now an international-selling book, shipping to customers in the United States and South Africa. In December she released her self-reflection journal, which is a companion to The Thirty Day Slay!. She was featured as one of “10 Winning Women” for Women by Choice Global and chosen as a featured writer for Brown Girls Who Write. She has been featured and interviewed for several live streams focused on women’s empowerment and growth. Chamar has a life coaching company geared toward helping women rebuild, transform and reclaim their power after divorce. You can connect with Chamar by visiting her website at

In 2004, Kimberly and her husband, Devan, established Incredible Creations Beauty & Barber Salon. It was Cincinnati’s first black-owned and operated husband and wife team business in Over The Rhine. Kimberly has taken the role of salon owner to another level as a platform artist, educator, and mentor. She and Devan worked together each day as one. They were best friends. Neither Kimberly nor Devan had an idea regarding what they were about to face. In 2014, Kimberly fought and WON her fight with breast cancer, with Devan by her side every step the way. He never left her to do it alone and she never thought that she would lose him so suddenly just 2 years later in September of 2016. Kimberly thought that she had just faced the toughest battle of her life as she beat cancer. She decided that it was time for her to rise from the storm and walk authentically in her purpose! GOD showed her how to “Unleash The Power of  Greatness” within. Kimberly has been thrust into her purpose of being an author of “Walking Without My Cane”, Life Enrichment Coach, and Motivational Speaker sharing her story of triumph and strength. Kimberly’s second book, “Walking Unscripted” is coming in 2019. She shares, motivates, and inspires others to believe that a happy, fulfilling life is possible after facing heartache. Life can and will go on and it will be amazing despite what the past looks like. She emphasizes with her audiences that your past does not have to dictate your future. Kimberly role models how to be authentic, walk in truth, live in the moment and to just BE. Kimberly also has her own podcast “Unleashing The Power Of Greatness” which can be found on iTunes, Google Play & SoundCloud. You can connect with Kimberly Johnson by visiting her website at