No New Friends

A few years back, Drake released a song entitled "No New Friends" where he talks about still being down with his old friends and not needing any new ones.  I'm not even going to lie, at that time, I loved...Read More


I don't want to go through life feeling this way. Fearing rejection. Fearing disappointment. Fearing failure. It's unhealthy, and despite our rejection, failure, and disappointments, we mustn't feel like we have failed. As we experience suicides of public figures and...Read More

Winning Moms

Women are the mothers of civilization. Not one person walking this Earth got here without coming through a woman. There is no denying the amount of sacrifice a woman makes once she becomes a mother. From conception to birth, a...Read More

When It All Falls Down

By: Chamar Logan A guy that I know, who is a serial entrepreneur, posted the image above as a definition of what entrepreneurship can look like at times. I couldn’t but laugh, then I got serious and said “deadass though!”...Read More