Beginning The Journey To Living Life On Purpose

Written By: Wilma Blyden


One day it just clicked…I realised that I was tired, tired of existing and not living. I know that sounds very cliché – but it is true. I was tired of feeling like a circle within a square, I was tired of feeling like I was missing out on life, I was tired!!! I felt I was unable to live a joyful wholesome life because of my current location. There was this aching desire to travel to and live in the big cities, in my mind that is where life happened. So instead of enjoying the space between where I was and where  I wanted to be I often found myself complaining about my  NOW aka my present situation. I was constantly wishing for the future not realising that at the end of each day and the beginning of every tomorrow brought me a step closer to my future.

One day while I was complaining, I heard this voice said “what you are looking for is within you” I thought to myself I am not looking for anything. I just want to feel alive.  The voice said, as if it knew my thoughts, “I give you life, life is within you; stop waiting for a feeling. You are alive! Choosing to live is a decision you have to make, if you are constantly waiting to feel a vibration to know you are alive then you are dead” At that moment, I made a decision to live, I choose life.

Making the decision was one thing, figuring out how to live was a next.  I was not sure how to live. I decided to pray and fast and ask God to order my steps in His Word and to direct my path. I started reading the Word of God daily and commanding my morning by reciting daily affirmations.  Next, I wrote down all the things I wanted to do and decided that I was going to do them.  The list showed that I enjoyed travelling, destination travel, hotels, dining out, restaurants, seafood,  watersports, outdoors, nature, beaches, sunrises, sunsets, swimming, hiking, mega yachts boats, women empowerment, friendships, relationships etc…

As I began to do the things on my list I realised wherever you travel to you take yourself with you.  I no longer depend on travelling to or living in the big cities to live.  I have joy and I am living a life as beautiful as I am. smile. Moreover, it has been made clear to me through daily devotions with God that the journey to living life on purpose begins in the mind. I encourage you to live life on purpose and do what brings you joy.

Thank you for reading and continue to follow my journey to #LivingMyLifeOnPurpose.

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