Who Are You?

  Have you ever been asked this question? My mind immediately jumps to the many times whether it be at school or an interest group and I was asked to introduce myself. Simple enough right? I’m sure you can relate? ...Read More

Choose a path

  Have you ever set out to accomplish a goal but became nervous because you didn't know how to start? Ever thought maybe I should wait on the Lord? Maybe I should dig a ditch and plant those seeds? What's...Read More

Note To Self

  She wakes up every morning doing her best to keep her head held high. She blocks out the thought of stress and the potential negativity she could face that day. As a strong Black woman she realizes she is...Read More

Drink Up Woman

Ever heard the saying when life throws you lemons make lemonade? Well it's time to drink up! Life is a constant journey. We never quite know what is to come in the days ahead of us. As much as we...Read More