Due to inevitable change that comes with growth and evolution, Women by Choice Global re-branded and became She Wins Society on May 1, 2019. Find out what we’re up to now at shewinssociety.com

Women by Choice Global was founded in May 2014 by Andromeda Raheem. After experiencing years of disappointing interactions with females, Andromeda made the choice to turn her pain into power and do her part to empower and unite women. While working a government accounting job, Andromeda started a blog to share her thoughts on how women could treat one another better and win together. At the time, it was simply a passion project and she had no idea that she was putting herself on a path to become the founder of a global network that encourages support and sisterhood among women.

Once Andromeda took to social media and began sharing authentic and powerful messages that encourage women to collaborate instead of compete, make themselves accountable for their own happiness and success, and be confident in themselves, it was only a matter of time before Women by Choice grew a massive online platform with a following of over 100,000 women worldwide.

As a women’s empowerment expert, girl power advocate, empowerment and success coach, international speaker, award-winning blogger, author of She Wins: The Ultimate Guide for Women to Gain a Winning Mindset and Lead a Winning Lifestyle, and Ambassador of Change who has been featured in multiple reputable publications like Rolling Out, Sheen Magazine, Women of More Magazine, Life Coach Network Magazine, The Huffington Post, and the Redefining Wealth Podcast, our founder has been invited to speak at events around the world for the purpose of empowering women to manifest the life they deserve and live up to their full potential. Everywhere she goes, she promotes unity among women and shares our mantra, “When Women Support Women, We ALL Win!”