33 Choices Every Woman Should Make

In a few days, I will celebrate my 33rd birthday so I’ve been taking time to reflect over all that I’ve experienced and learned thus far. Perhaps one of the best lessons life has taught me is that my choices are what shape my life. Over the years, I can see how my relationships, health, career, and finances improved as my choices improved. Although every woman has different goals, these are 33 choices I think all women should make to be happier, healthier, and more successful in their lives and careers.

  1. Choose to love yourself more than your desire to be liked, accepted, or validated by others.
  2. Choose to do what you know is in your best interest even when others don’t approve or understand it.
  3. Choose to make the most of every moment you are blessed with. Life is short and time is your greatest asset.
  4. Choose to remove yourself from toxic environments swiftly and without feeling guilty.
  5. Choose to be proactive with your health. Start taking good care of yourself early on. Don’t wait for illness to strike before deciding to eat healthy and exercise regularly.
  6. Choose to invest in your self-improvement and continued education consistently.
  7. Choose to speak up when you need help. No one can read your mind and “closed mouths don’t get fed”.
  8. Choose to forgive yourself for your mistakes.
  9. Choose not to compare yourself to others ever.
  10. Choose to get out of your comfort zone, travel to other countries, and try new experiences.
  11. Choose to be grateful and show gratitude daily.
  12. Choose to steer clear of gossip and people who gossip.
  13. Choose to make your expectations clear from the beginning.
  14. Choose to treat people how you want to be treated.
  15. Choose to take time to think before you react to negative situations.
  16. Choose not to settle for what you know you won’t be able to tolerate.
  17. Choose to be flexible with you plans. Life happens. Make adjustments and keep going.
  18. Choose to operate in excellence. “Go the extra mile, it’s never crowded.”
  19. Choose not to worry about circumstances that are out of your control.
  20. Choose not to take others bad behavior or inability to see your worth personally.
  21. Choose to trust your instincts. You know when something isn’t right. Don’t ignore your gut feeling.
  22. Choose to require people to respect you if they want to remain in your presence.
  23. Choose to be honest with yourself and others always.
  24. Choose to get adequate rest and schedule time for weekly self-care.
  25. Choose to be kind to those less fortunate and give back as much as you can.
  26. Choose to keep your word. Do what you say you’re going to do. Your name and reputation are important.
  27. Choose to stay ahead. Procrastination will keep you stressed.
  28. Choose to keep your living and work spaces organized, tidy and, clutter-free.
  29. Choose to manage your money wisely and get/keep your credit in good standing.
  30. Choose not to keep secrets that will negatively impact your health or hold you back from being successful.
  31. Choose to pay more attention to what people do than what they say.
  32. Choose not to let anyone limit your growth or hinder your progress. Create your own opportunities if you need to.
  33. Choose to make yourself accountable for your own happiness and success. No one is going to go harder for you than you do.

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Author: Andromeda, Women by Choice Founder

Andromeda is an Author, Motivational Speaker, Success Coach, and the Founder of Women by Choice Global who is passionate about empowering women to discover their purpose, tap into their power, become the best version of themselves, and ultimately win in life and in business.

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