17 Things We Learned in 2017

Whether 2017 was “your year”, you’re looking forward to starting fresh in 2018, or you’re somewhere in between, it’s important to reflect on what life has taught you up until this point. The wisdom you have gained so far will assist you to continue moving forward and rise to new levels. As we know that women are much more powerful together, we get further faster when we take time to learn from each other, and our territory is expanded when we collaborate with one another, we reached out to women in our network and asked them to share one of the greatest lessons they learned in 2017. Here is what they had to say…

“Above all, I have learned to truly be happy for the success of others and use this motivation to help me reach my own personal success. The success of my sister does not intimidate me, it motivates me. It shows me that there is hope.” Chelsea Smith 

“You have to be willing to let go of the old to experience the beauty of the new! The old heartache to receive true love. The old grudges to receive new friendships. The old way of doing business to receive access to new levels, new platforms and new clients. The old mindset to receive new blessings. There is always more for us, but we have to be willing to let go of our comfort zone in every area of life to be catapulted into everything we’ve been working hard for.” Shamieka Dean

“This year, I’ve learned to commit to living a life based on meaning and truly aligning with purpose, rather than the never-ending demands that are the trademark of our culture.” Natasha Campbell

“I believe ‘stepping out of your comfort zone’ is the most valuable thing I have learned and other women should too. I was always that shy woman who wanted to do so much, but was afraid. I stepped out of that and now the things I prayed for are happening. We often get so comfortable staying in one place when we need to expand our horizons and do what God made us to do. We all have a purpose.” Ke’Aunte Tynette

“The most valuable lesson I learned this year was to surrender, trust, and allow God the opportunity to lead you to your highest and truest path. In order to do so, you must get quiet enough to hear the wisdom that is all around you. You are never alone if you can go within.” Taria Pritchett

“The one thing I learned this year is that our abilities really are unlimited! If you want something, go out and get it! Time doesn’t matter, and roadblocks can be moved. Your entire life can begin to change for the better in as little as one month! You have to be aggressive with what you want and pursue it relentlessly though.” Chamar Logan

“I discovered that stepping back to make others comfortable ONLY makes you uncomfortable with your progress.” Micah Byrd

“This year I’ve learned to open my mind and receive good advice from women who genuinely want to help. Before I felt insecure and offended, now I’m a butterfly and I welcome a fresh eye from someone who may know better. I’ve also learned to give women the space to be themselves regardless as to how different we may be. Most importantly, I’ve learned to believe in myself and be there for myself as I’ve been to others around me.” Terri Timmons

“This year I’ve learned that in life we will experience many tribulations, some harder than others. However, the key is to always hold onto our joy no matter how hard that is, remain focused, and do what we do best, which is persevere. The best is yet to come.” Courtney Chester

“I learned that self love is vital to my life successes. I didn’t realize I lacked self love until I started to Be InTentional about my thoughts and actions. I’ve done things and acted in ways that showed my inner self that I am important, but not as important as I needed to pursue my dreams without validation from someone else. This year I showed myself that I am audacious and shameless enough to go and grab all that I think I deserve with no approval necessary. When God nudges me and says ‘approved’, I know I’m in alignment and that is all the validation I seek now.” Channell Royal

“The most important thing that I have learned this year is to surrender to faith. Faith isn’t being passive, but instead it’s putting in the the work. It’s detaching yourself from the result because you know that God has got you covered.” Naimah Raheem

“One thing that I learned this year is gratitude. I truly believe that at times we must experience a break down to experience a break through. When we are grateful in everything there is no room for lack. Things aren’t always great in life, yet our attitude can be. It is in the tough times that we must rely on our faith. In life there are valleys and there are peaks. It is often through the valley that God is trying to teach us a lesson. Once we learn the intended lesson we will experience the peak. Without the valley, growth cannot occur. Instead of viewing the valley as a loss we should consider it a necessary step towards the path of success. In shifting our mindset to that of a winner, we can be grateful in all things.” Dominique Williams

“Being authentic is the key to success! When you’re comfortable in your own skin and in your own lane, nothing can shake you! God can’t bless who you pretend to be so be you!” Natalie Louis

“2017 has taught me how to achieve joy through a relationship with God. The steps I followed to develop that relationship are: prayer, fasting, fellowship, meditation, and studying the Word of God.  I’ve learned to decree and declare the Word of God over my life and every situation at all times. There were days when I decreed and declared the Word of God over a situation and the opposite of what I was decreeing happened. I would become frustrated! However, as time went by and with continuous reading of the Word of God, I learned to remain joyful no matter what comes my way.” Wilma Blyden

“One thing I learned this year is to accept uncomfortable situations. Instead of accepting the pain, utilize it as fuel to grow and become a better woman. In those times we see GODS UNCHANGING hand, his mercy, his grace, and his favor.” LaTalia Jones

“SELF CARE  It’s important to take time out of your schedule for yourself. Take a regular day off, have lunch with friends, go on a break, have a spa day or stay at home with your feet up doing nothing. If you are feeling tired take a break… DON’T GIVE UP. Learning to rest when needed was the best personal gift to myself this year. I have been more focused , I have more energy and to top it off, this has been my most progressive year to date. For the first time in years I am ending the year with more energy, having completed more goals and ready to get started on 2018.” Jenni Steele

“This year was the year that I fully learned and accepted that everything that happens, good or bad, is meant to teach me something and push me to become the best version of myself. I learned to reduce stress and worry by embracing loss and change, forcing less and flowing more, doing my best and trusting that God is handling the rest, and intentionally making the most of every day I am blessed with, regardless of what others are doing around me, because tomorrow isn’t promised.” Andromeda Raheem

Cheers to a blessed, prosperous, and successful 2018 from the Women By Choice family! Keep working and winning and remember, “When Women Support Women, We ALL Win”! For more information about our community and how you can join, click here.

Author: Andromeda, Women by Choice Founder

Andromeda is an Author, Motivational Speaker, Success Coach, and the Founder of Women by Choice Global who is passionate about empowering women to discover their purpose, tap into their power, become the best version of themselves, and ultimately win in life and in business.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading the stories they are great an inspiring .What I learned in 2017 is to love me more an to never settle an to continue working hard toward my goals .It don’t matter how hard they may seem I know with God on my side all things are possible.Keep up the good work Ladies

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