10 Winning Women Whose Presence Makes a Positive Difference

Last week, I was honored for my community involvement by Ambassadors of Change Inc. and it made me think about all of the women I have had the opportunity to connect with who are making not only positive changes in their communities, but the world, simply by being present in it. Though the list is much longer than 10 women, I chose to feature these women because I find their voices, platforms, and missions to be authentic, genuine, inspiring, and impactful. It is my belief that we are all pieces to a much larger puzzle. We all have a place that we fit in just right and a purpose that, when operated in, will lead us to success. Though they are all different, these 10 women are being true to themselves, walking in their divine purposes, and winning. They are leaving the world better than it was before they entered it. If you don’t know these winning women already, allow me to introduce you to Patrice Harrison, Judy “Jae” Nash, Patrice C. Washington, Tressa Azarel Smallwood, Sarah Williams, Shondia McFadden-Sabari, Kachelle Kelly, Mary “Mz Skittlez” Seats, Falon Bonner, and Reketta C. Wright.

The Advocate for Black Girl Magic

Patrice Harrison is an award winning International Speaker and the Founder and CEO of Ambassadors United and Miss Black US Ambassador and Miss Black Teen US Ambassador Scholarship Program. As an advocate for youth all over the world, Patrice has offered workshops to children in Africa, The Caribbean and all over the United States on topics ranging from self– esteem, etiquette, and relationship building. Patrice’s mission in life is to encourage, empower, and enlighten communities, states and nations. She has a passion to see lives changed for the better. Patrice truly is a leading voice for change in the world and is positively impacting the lives of black girls and women. 

The Queen of Girl Power

Judy “Jae” Nash is the Creator and Host Motivator of Girl Power Hour Radio. She is a multimedia talent with more than 12 years of experience in the entertainment and sports industry as a Radio Personality, Producer, Television Host, Humanitarian and former cast mate on VH1’s Tough Love Co-ED. When she’s not hosting Girl Power Hour Radio, she is hosting events to unite, empower, and educate women. Jae has hosted community initiatives, events and awards ceremonies such as BET Music Matters, The Southern Hip Hop Awards and her Annual Girl Power Tour, created for the purpose of encouraging young girls to value their self worth. Jae is truly a powerful force in the women empowerment movement. 

The Money Maven

Patrice C. Washington is a best-selling author of three books on personal finance and the Founder and CEO of Seek Wisdom Find Wealth, a boutique personal finance consulting firm where she creates practical products and programs that help individuals and families reach their financial goals. You have probably heard her giving valuable financial advice on the nationally syndicated Steve Harvey Morning Show. Patrice is motivated to do what she does because she has the desire to help others live and leave a legacy that matters. She truly wants others to have the life they desire and deserve and she believes that mastering money is the key to making that happen. Patrice’s goals are to always be a source of light to others and leave people better than she found them. 

The Motivating Mutli-Millionaire

Tressa “Azarel” Smallwood is the award winning publisher of Life-Changing Books INC, a movie producer, owner of The Be The Boss Program, and co-owner of The Best Sellers Project. As a serial entrepreneur who has used her own knowledge and talents to become a multi-millionaire, Azarel has a passion for teaching people to turn their gifts and talents into income. Self-publishing her own book in 2003 and making over $40K in sales in just 2 months, Azarel is now teaching authors how to successfully write and publish their books. Her passion for helping others to be their best and work for the life they deserve is obvious in her interviews, social media posts, and client testimonials. Azarel’s life is an example that all things are possible if you believe in yourself and are willing to work for what you want. 



The Naturally Fly Diva 

Sarah Williams is the Co-Founder of the Coily Divas, a collective group of educated, professional women in the Central Florida area whose goal is to inspire natural women to walk in a room and own it. Sarah is on a mission to be a role model for her daughters and other girls who may lose their sense of direction in life by trying to fit in. Sarah is also the Founder of Coilettes, LLC, a Nonprofit Organization whose mission is to encourage young girls between 3-12 yrs of age to embrace their true beauty, by creating a support system of organic resources and relationships. Sarah is setting the stage for future generations of brown girls to embrace their natural beauty and be confident in the skin they were born in. 

The Bold and Breastless Inspiration

Shondia McFadden-Sabari is the Executive Director of BOLDANDBREASTLESS, Inc., the President of McFadden-Sabari, LLC, and an advocate for breast cancer awareness. Shonda is very passionate about inspiring and educating children, women, and men that are affected by cancer. She is an inspiration to her large social media audience and anyone she crosses paths with as she travels the world sharing her experience with breast cancer to uplift and inspire others. Shonda has a genuine heart for people as she finds beauty in the broken and loves on the downtrodden. She is definitely a powerful and positive force to be reckoned with. Her motto is, “I scared the hell out of cancer, so it took my breasts and left!”

The Praying Boss Woman

Kachelle Kelly is a business and empowerment coach, motivational speaker, strategic project planner, founder of Kachelle Kelly International, Inc. and accomplished author of the popular and powerful book, Boss Women Pray. Kachelle is well known on social media for empowering entrepreneurs to “Activate Your Hustle”, to actively go after their dreams and visions by eliminating distractions and adopting best business practices to be successful. She is also known for speaking out about injustices in the black community and advocating for equality and positive political change. Through her platform and her works, Kachelle encourages faith-based values and integrity both in life and in business. Her presence positively affects and improves the lives of those around her. 



The Humble and Sweet, but Fierce and Focused Girl Boss

Mary “Mz. Skittlez” Seats is a celebrity stylist, artist, and CEO of Cupcake Mafia. Mz. Skittlez “rags to riches” story, as shared in her book “The Icing on Top Ain’t Always Sweet”, is an inspiration to many. Although she grew up in a community where money was scarce, she didn’t allow the lack of resources to cause her to settle for less. Instead, she used it as motivation to go for more. In 2011, Mz Skittlez launched Cupcake Mafia with only $300 and 30 t-shirts. Within just 3 short years, she grew Cupcake Mafia from an office the size of a closet to over 800 stores in 15 countries. Mz Skittlez shares her testimonies and what she has learned to inspire and encourage others to overcome obstacles, avoid making the same mistakes she made, and live the life of their dreams. As a believer in girl power, Mz. Skittlez genuinely wants to help and see women win. 

The Faithful Woman of Purpose

Falon Bonner is a motivational speaker, empowerment coach, and author of “While I Wait: A Journal Experience for Receiving God’s Best Mate”. Purposed with the assignment to serve women through the teaching of God’s word pertaining to sex, dating and relationships, Falon pours into over 14 thousand women weekly. As the wife of the late Attorney Nikki Bonner, Falon is an inspiration to many as she continues walking in faith and pursuing her purpose even after experiencing loss. Falon’s strength, grace, and perseverance due to her faith in God encourages others to push through their hardest trials and fight through their most difficult struggles. Falon’s presence both intentionally and unintentionally motivates others to move forward, find hope, and win. 

The Caring Counselor

Reketta C. Wright is a licensed professional counselor, public speaker, author, and heart centered entrepreneur specializing in women’s issues related to anxiety, depression, and self-esteem. She is the owner of Wrights Care Services, a private counseling practice in Greensboro, North Carolina, that serves women and families in emotional healing, recovery, and transformation. As the visionary behind and co-author of Wake, Pray, Slay: A Woman’s Guide to Being Unstoppable, Reketta seeks to both unite women as well as show women that their pain can be turned into power. Reketta’s mission is to empower, motivate, and support others to create a more joyful life. She is passionate about using her energy to positively impact the lives of women worldwide. 

Author: Andromeda, Women by Choice Founder

Andromeda is an Author, Motivational Speaker, Success Coach, and the Founder of Women by Choice Global who is passionate about empowering women to discover their purpose, tap into their power, become the best version of themselves, and ultimately win in life and in business.

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