10 Winning Women Who Are Just As Cool In Real Life As They Are On Social Media

Have you ever watched and admired someone, like your favorite celebrity, on tv or social media and imagined how awesome it would be to meet them in real life, but were disappointed when you finally got the opportunity? I was inspired to write this post after reading the forward that fellow author Shonda Brown White wrote for my book, She Wins: The Ultimate Guide for Women to Gain a Winning Mindset and Lead a Winning Lifestyle. In my book, when speaking about the first time we met in person after connecting via social media, Shonda said “It was similar to one of those episodes from the hit TV show “Catfish” when they’ve been waiting forever to finally meet the person they’ve been talking to forever. The only difference this time was that this person was who they said they were, and they were just as awesome, friendly, and supportive in person as they appeared to be online.” This got me thinking about the women I’ve connected with via social media over the last 3 years and had the opportunity to meet in person. I must admit that I’ve had both disappointing and “hallelujah” experiences and from having conversations with other women, I know that I’m not alone. However, I like to stay focused on the positives so instead of dwelling on shady experiences, I would like to shine the light on 10 women who are who they “post” to be. In the world of social media, anybody can pretend to be anyone and anything, but these women are just as cool in real life as they are online. Their pretty pictures on social media translate to pretty personalities in the real world. If you don’t know or follow them already, allow me to introduce you to Dr. Keita Joy Ductant, Life Coach Brittany Garth, Alechia Reese, Corine Marie Tindell, Malyia McNaughton, Nikki Payne, Shevon Jones, Coleen Otero, Jessica Williamson, and Kanayo Ebi.

Dr. Keita Joy Ductant is a success coach, author, speaker, and founder of Fabulous and Faithful, a movement created to encourage women to “Love God, Look Good, and Take Over the World”. A few things that you can sense about Dr. Keita Joy’s online presence is that she is highly energetic, super friendly, very encouraging, and extremely positive. These are just a few of the awesome qualities she naturally possesses that make her a pleasure to connect with in the flesh. To begin connecting with Dr. Keita Joy, follow her on Instagram at drkeitajoy.

Life Coach Brittany Garth is a certified women empowerment life coach, owner of Dimensioned Wellness, international speaker, and founder of the DW Life Coach Network. Life Coach Brittany is very much about the business of helping others to realize their greatness both online and in real life. Always a class act, the professional, peaceful, and personable vibes that you get from Life Coach Brittany on social media are the same vibes you get from her when connecting in person. To begin connecting with Life Coach Brittany, follow her on Instagram at lifecoachbrittany.

Alechia Reese is the Chief Brand Architect of 360 Gateway Brands, a media personality, certified professional speaker, and author. Both online and in her everyday life, Alechia has a heart for helping other women by sharing her personal experiences of trials and triumph to inspire them to win. When meeting Alechia in person, you will find that she is very approachable, honest, and open to creating new connections with like-minded women. To begin connecting with Alechia Reese, follow her on Instagram at alechiareese.

Corine Marie Tindell is an entrepreneur, novelist, and ghostwriter. Both online and offline, Corine is a committed wife, mother, and woman determined to live a life of purpose and be of service to others. Online, she consistently shares positive messages of empowerment and faith, as well as provides images that encourage family values. Offline, she gives back to her community, shows support for other women, and puts her family first. Corine Marie is exactly who she portrays herself to be, a woman of God with integrity. To begin connecting with Corine Marie, follow her on Instagram at lovecorinemarie

Malyia McNaughton is a model, stylist, and the jewelry designer behind her brand, Made By Malyia. Although she and her brand have been featured in popular and respected media outlets like Vogue and Essence, Malyia is as humble and sweet as they come. She exudes warm and inviting energy and her personality is pleasant. A natural beauty, Malyia is just as fierce in real life as you see in her strikingly beautiful photos online. #NoFilterNeeded To begin connecting with Malyia McNaughton, follow her on Instagram at themodelmalyia

Nikki Payne is the “Comeback Queen” and a dynamic motivational speaker. Experiencing and overcoming real life tragedies, Nikki is beyond playing games of pretend. What you see with her is what you get. Nikki’s refreshing realness online transcends into the real world as she consistently shares her truth to inspire others to overcome their trials. One thing you will for sure learn from Nikki is what it really means to turn pain into power. To begin connecting with Nikki Payne, connect with her on Instagram at nikkispayne

Shevon Jones is a social worker, speaker, and CEO of The Pink Evolution, a consulting brand designed to empower, educate, and give first time momprenuers tools to successfully run a business and juggle motherhood. Shevon’s online displays of support for other women aren’t just for show. She is truly about living a purposeful life and helping other women win. Her contribution to the women empowerment movement doesn’t begin or end with social media. To begin connecting with Shevon Jones, follow her on Instagram at iamshevonjones.

Coleen Otero is a celebrity hair and make-up artist, brand strategist, and the founder of CEO Chicks, a creativity haven for aspiring and established women entrepreneurs. Coleen is as committed to her passion of helping female entrepreneurs build successful empires as she appears to be on social media. As a successful entrepreneur herself and mother of 5, Coleen has mastered being both fierce and nurturing. Being in her presence will make you want to step your game up and hug her at the same time. To begin connecting with Coleen Otero, follow her on Instagram at coleenoteroceo.

Jessica Williamson is an entrepreneur, DJ, and owner of, ‘Where’s The Whiskey?’, a marketing platform strictly geared towards the wine and spirits around the world where digital and content marketing are the main focus. Jessica is just as fun, talented, and cool as her social media portrays her to be. When she’s not working with brands like Jack Daniels or playing good vibes at popular events, she’s representing for true girl power. Jessica is the kind of woman that is serious about her business, but easy to get along with. To begin connecting with Jessica Williamson, follow her on Instagram at thewhiskeychick_.

Kanayo Ebi is a Fashion/Style Curator and Image and Brand Consultant who has worked with celebrities like Angela Simmons and Adrienne Bailon, and been featured in publications like Hype Hair Magazine. On and off social media, Kanayo exudes a confidence and energy that makes other women want to be themselves and love the skin they’re in. Her photos online portray that she is authentic and dancing to the beat of her own drum. In person, you can see this same authenticity and feel her free spirit. Her creative, cool, and flexible personality makes her easily approachable and a pleasure to work with. To begin connecting with Kanayo Ebi, follow her on Instagram at kachmeifyoucan.

Author: Andromeda, Women by Choice Founder

Andromeda is an Author, Motivational Speaker, Success Coach, and the Founder of Women by Choice Global who is passionate about empowering women to discover their purpose, tap into their power, become the best version of themselves, and ultimately win in life and in business.

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  1. I totally get it, and the lineup of ladies are amazing and I know some of them and they are too amazing. #justbereal

  2. I appreciate that Women by Choice celebrate boss women from all walks of life and parts of the world. I’ve only heard of Brandi because she’s in my hometown, so I’m delighted to learn more about how these women are making their mark. Keep doing what you do, A!

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