We currently have Women by Choice Chapters in the following cities:

Orlando, FL

Contact: Channell Royal

Brooklyn, NY

Contact: Ebony Stewart

Atlanta, GA

Contact: Nastassja Dean

Canton, OH

Contact: Corine Marie Tindell or Ebony Hill

Philadelphia, PA

Contact: Shema Lyons

Chicago, IL

Contact: Meshon Chase or Princess Lomax

Don’t see your city listed? Start a chapter in your city!

Here are the requirements:

  1. Must be an active member in the network. Being active includes, but is not limited to attending webinars, participating in group discussions, and networking with members regularly. Your presence should be known and felt in the network. Your active status demonstrates your ability to form relationships and shows that you have time available to manage a chapter. Please do not apply until you have been an active member for at least 3 months. 
  2. Must have 2+ years of leadership experience. Please submit your resume or any other documentation that shows your leadership experience. Leadership experience includes, but is not limited to, owning and operating your own business and currently or previously holding a management position.
  3. Must have at least 2 members in your city. This can be including you. If you are the only member in your city, invite someone to join.
  4. After the above criteria is met, you will schedule an interview with Andromeda. Andromeda will provide final approval to start your chapter. 
  5. Once your chapter is approved, you will be required to host quarterly social events or volunteer activities for your members.

Benefits of starting a chapter:

  1. You will receive FREE Elite Choice Membership for the duration of your time as a Chapter President.
  2. You will be helping with our mission to break down barriers and bring women together as well as assisting to expand our territory and spread our message that “When Women Support Women, We ALL Win”.
  3. You will have the opportunity to be a leader in your city and grow your local network. 
  4. Your city will be added to the Stepping N2 Sisterhood Tour.

Ready to get started? Email info@womenbychoice.com.