Since 2014, we have been uniting compassionate, professional, and supportive women worldwide. We have since evolved beyond a global network into a sisterhood of women who genuinely want to see and help each other win. We believe wholeheartedly that, “When Women Support Women, We ALL Win” and represent those beliefs in everything that we do.


 Connect with like-minded women from around the globe through our online community, private Facebook group, and local chapters.

 Save at least 10% on everything in our shop and event tickets.

 Travel at least twice a year to beautiful locations for our annual retreats while taking advantage of our excellent group rates.

 Attend, vend, and/or speak at empowerment and networking events hosted in cities across the United States.

 Receive guidance, encouragement, support, motivation, and accountability to reach goals.

 Learn ways to gain and maintain peace of mind, financial stability, good health, healthy relationships, and professional success with access to educational webinars, online courses, and our database of shared content related to finances, health and wellness, careers, and entrepreneurship.

 Win gifts from women-owned businesses and earn sponsorship to achieve goals. 

 Be featured and/or promote products, services, and events in our weekly newsletter, business directory, and/or on our social media platforms to an audience of over 200,000 women.

We are on a mission to break down barriers and bring positive and powerful women together. “Your network is your net worth.” Start upgrading your conversations, improving your experiences, and maximizing your opportunities today!


  • I just have to take the time to say thank you! This is, hands down, one of the best networks I’ve had the opportunity to be apart of! The love is soooo real… ALL THE TIME!!! I have truly been able to connect with some amazing women! Thank you for creating this network of bosses! Love you all! – Nisha Hopkins

  • Prior to finding the @womenbychoice Instagram page I prayed for God to surround me with women I could build with, inspiring and encouraging woman. WBC is truly a blessing and since joining I’ve actually be able to interact with some ladies! Keep up the great work!  Dominique Bray

  • I just want to say how grateful I am for this network! I haven’t even been a member for a month yet and I have made such valuable and genuine connections already! – Keara Elam

  • I just have to say that there are a lot of memberships out there, I’ve joined a few, but I’ve been in WBC the longest (1 year) and what I love the most is Andromeda Raheem is REAL and sincerely wants to see all women win! WBC, you’re stuck with Natalie forever! – Natalie Louis

  • Women By Choice has literally changed my life with all of the connections that I have made! Thank you for creating this platform! – Janet Mingo

  • I’m proud to be a part of an organization that is filled with positive energy and support from genuine women. -Dr. Tamillia Cherry

  • I can never say thank you enough for the support Women By Choice has offered me over the years. These amazing women have been soooo instrumental in my life and business. – Lamara Davis

  • I’ve been a member for over a year and I LOVE this organization, the positive women who are apart of it, and the beautiful founder who I’ve never met, but feel like I’ve known forever! So open, so honest, so genuine. She is someone who really just wants to empower, uplift, and love on women because she knows that’s what the world needs more of. Andromeda, thank you for sharing your wisdom, your love, and yourself with us , sis! And thank you for allowing us to do the same. If you are a woman who wants to win, please join this network! – G’Mesha Blake

  • I needed more, I wanted to be a part of something where women were giving their best and receiving their best. Women By Choice has provided me with so many opportunities, relationships, #fabCollabs and simply a platform for myself and other talented women to be exposed to and empower the world. I was looking for sisterhood and I’ve received so much more. -Stacye Jones

  • I have always wondered why women don’t come together to support one another, then I came across Women By Choice! I was inspired by the daily words of encouragement and the support they have for women as a whole. They believe that “when women support women we all win”, and it’s not all talk it’s ACTION! Being a part of such an amazing organization helped me to believe again. It helped me believe in women supporting women. It helped me believe that women can be celebrated. It helped me to see more women in a positive light, impacting the world, and striving to make a difference. Women By Choice came right on time and I am honored to be a part of such an amazing organization. -Shakeema Hughes

  • I stumbled upon Women By Choice on Instagram one night as I was in tears. I was going through a divorce and was dealing with the up and down emotions that comes with it, as well as being faced with the task of finding myself again. Women By Choice was a constant inspiration everyday. I saw myself in so many different aspects of the company and the mission. Eventually I started blogging for Women By Choice and started finding the voice I had lost over the years. Nowadays I’m in the BEST place I’ve ever been in my life.  Women By Choice has afforded me the opportunity to empower other women and has started to open doors for me with my writing and speaking to women! It really is an honor to be a part of Women By Choice and I’ve met some wonderful women and sisters! I could go on and on but being a part of this company and working within this company is one of the best things that has happened to me! -Chamar Logan

  • I love Women By Choice for the simple fact that it’s a network full of women that support other women. It’s not easy being a woman. We carry heavy loads, give a lot, and are often underrated. Women By Choice makes that load easier. Members feel appreciated. Members are secure enough to share their stories, compliment & celebrate each other. It’s refreshing! My connection to Women By Choice came at the perfect time. I’ve gained support, a positive platform, knowledge, and a beautiful sisterhood. I love belonging to a powerhouse full of authentic, brilliant, & honorable women. We motivate & collaborate. It doesn’t get much doper than that! -Antoinette “Toni” Jackson

  • I’m proud to be a part of an organization that is filled with positive, driven and talented ladies who I call my sisters. I enjoy the uniqueness WBC has provided for its members. I love the positive platform given to business owners like myself to share and learn from other business owners in the group. I love getting together with the WBC members here in NYC for our monthly get-togethers for brunch, community service and some much needed girl time. Thank you to Andromeda for creating such a positive platform because these women have now become my sisters for life! -Ebony Cattouse Stewart

  • I was attracted to @womenbychoice by the positive & empowering posts on Instagram. Since I am at the beginning stages of building my brand I am always looking for ways to stretch myself, grow, be inspired, and advertise. Once I became a member, I quickly discovered that WBC offers much more support than other networks I have joined. There is truly a cultural of sisterhood and support for EVERYONE, not just business owners or those who have so called ‘made it.’ This made me quickly fall in love with Women By Choice. I know being surrounded by these women will continue to help me grow and become better each and every day. I am truly blessed and humbled to be a sister in Women By Choice. Ronic West

  • I followed Women By Choice for about a year before I joined. It has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I have connected with amazing women all across the world who truly embody sisterhood! I have become a better woman, better sister and better business woman since joining this organization! The resources and unlimited support to grow personally and professionally are mind blowing! Women from all walks of life supporting and loving each other. When women support women we all win! -Shamieka Dean

  • Since I joined WBC I’ve been surrounded by positive energy and support from genuine women. Life can get tough day to day, but having the encouragement of my sisters keeps me uplifted and in positive spirits. I’ve been flooded with support from the members from reading my 1st book to stretching me to be a better woman. Being a WBC member makes me feel like I’m constantly growing daily. -Corine Marie Tindell