“I Love you but I Love ME more”

“YES,” The infamous quote from “Sex and The City,” “I Love you but I Love ME more!” I thought about this very quote because of too many women are just existing in relationships that were over weeks, months, and years ago. The relationship could be of a personal, plutonic, or professional relationship. Many of us, hold on to those relationships because the unknown is uncomfortable and fearful. While we are holding onto those relationships, we are doing significant damage to our mental and physical health. Loving yourself through the departure of a relationship will be a task but as time heals, so will your heart. As women, we should matter to ourselves enough to walk away from those very relationships that are toxic. We give of ourselves to the point that we become numb and distracted from the beauty of GOD’s answer to our many prayers. Personally, I’m right where you are and finally made peace with myself and gifted several people with pink slips out of life. Those very people only made withdrawals with no deposits in return towards the relationship.

It is okay to do what’s best for you! There is no need to ask for permission in your own happiness. While praying over your decisions to remove those relationships, here are some steps to put your thoughts to action:

  • Pray over every decision before making one.
  • Evaluate what relationships should be left behind.
  • Delete, yes, I wrote “DELETE” those people off your social media friends list and out of your phone. No need holding on!
  • Do a mental cleanse of unhealthy thoughts and habits that are associated with those toxic relationships.
  • Seek out a positive and supportive tribe that will help you GROW.
  • Start to live your life for YOU!

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