How to achieve Joy!

External factors contribute to happiness not joy. I have found that persons struggle to identify exactly what it is that brings them joy and that there is a heavy reliance on external factors. Happiness is based on emotions, the current state of mind and lasts for a moment but joy lasts for a lifetime and is based on internal factors.

The Bible tells us in Galatians 5:23 that joy is one of the fruits of Holy Spirit. In order to have joy, you need the Holy Spirit and in order to receive the Holy Spirit, you need to have a relationship with God. 2017 has taught me how to achieve joy through developing a relationship with God. The steps I followed to develop that relationship include but were not limited to prayer, fasting, fellowshipping, meditating and studying the Word of God.

I have learnt to decree and declare the Word of God over my life and situation at all times. There have been times when I decreed and declared the Word of God over a situation and the opposite of what I was decreeing happened. I would become frustrated but as time went by through studying the Word of God I was able to maintain my stance and continue to quote scriptures over the situation.

Now, when I decree the Word of God over a situatuon and the opposite happens. I remind myself that Greater is He that is within me than he that is in this world and I would continue to speak the Word of the God over my situation. One of my favorite Psalms is Psalms 138:8 ‘the Lord will perfect that which concerns me’ once you keep delcaring the Word of God by faith the evidence of what you are declaring has to manifest itself. Faith is having an unshakeable confidence in things unseen. I encourage you Winning Woman to develop a relationship with God in 2018. He is the ultimate Joy!

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