get empowered to win

All women are powerful, we are powerful at birth, but sometimes our life experiences have a way of making us forget or relinquish our power. My mission is to help women rediscover the power that has always been within and win.” - Andromeda, Empowerment Coach, Author of She Wins, and Founder of Women By Choice Global, LLC

For years, Empowerment Coach, Andromeda Raheem, has toiled to empower women through online courses, conferences, workshops, and messages that spark hope and foster a winning disposition. Featured in the Huffington Post as "Your Ambitious Women's Empowerment Expert", Andromeda's goal is to share her knowledge, experiences, and expertise to assist women worldwide to win. You now have the opportunity to experience one-on-one coaching with Andromeda.

Coaching with Andromeda guarantees empowering perspectives on life and better preparation for the natural obstacles that may come your way. Instead of allowing life’s experiences to decrease your power, you will learn how to use every experience as a learning lesson to strengthen your power. You will be less likely to allow outside forces to cause you stress and learn how to effectively control your interactions and surroundings. You will learn ways to maintain focus on your goals and obtain greater value for yourself and your life. You will receive lifelong tools that will assist you in being confident, powerful, successful, and unstoppable. Coaching with Andromeda guarantees that you will be in a position to win.

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